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Warning: This is a spoilerpalooza.

Episode 402 of Power opens on a somber note because Ghost is still locked up, and we know he’s not getting out any time soon. Tasha informs her children that if anyone asks them anything about their father, they better go mute. This is the moment they ask her where his nickname came from and she skated right past the subject.

The feds are meeting, without Angela, to discuss the angle they’re working for their case—that Jamie killed Greg in a jealous rage over Angela. Jamie tells Proctor to tell them about his relationship with Angela as a way to weaponize the story. Proctor thinks the jealous ex narrative will turn this trial into a spectacle, meaning the evidence gets ignored, but they focus on the sex and not the real issue. Both sides are on the same page, but with different motives. The problem is, neither Angela nor Jamie wants to take the stand because they don’t want to risk perjuring themselves. This means the prosecution needs to figure something else out and Proctor and Ghost just have to wait and see what they come up with. In the meantime, Proctor goes ham with the press. He’s framing this as the feds are targeting Ghost because he’s a successful black man with a clean record being targeted by racism. This pisses John off because he refuses to lose to proctor again and this new angle is a good one. Later on, John takes measures to put a gag order on Proctor, but the motion is denied so the prosecution has to figure something else out.

Ghost calls Dre to tell him that he really needs to step up to run Truth. Dre is already on it and business is booming—both legit and legal. Ghost tries to keep a low profile in jail, but he does have to let these inmates know that he is not the one. One overzealous brute tries to steal Ghost’s biscuit, thinking he’s just a soft business man that’s about to be his bish. That’s when Ghost stealthily slides the gentleman’s hand under the table and snaps his wrist. Ghost Anger Translation: What you not gon’ do…


Anyway, message received, kind of.

Unfortunately, Ghost’s gangsta ninja move attracts the attention of another ruthless inmate named Tony, but that will come into play later in the season, and it’s going to be a doozy. Just know that Tony enlists his outside goons to do some recon work on Ghost.

The feds raid Truth, which serves as the perfect opportunity for Michael Sandoval to plant the murder weapon in Ghost’s office and you know what happens next. Rock. Solid. Evidence.


Meanwhile, Tommy’s connects are having melt downs. Julio and Cristobal are freaking out because they think the heat on Ghost could trickle down to them too. That’s a rational fear. In other news, Tommy goes to check on Keisha and they confirm the tension that we felt was obvious when they have a steamy love scene. Later on they decide to keep their relationship on the low.

The new angle from the prosecution, spearheaded by John, is to prove that Egan and Knox were working with Lobos and co-conspired in his murder. Knox was under investigation for his involvement, so Ghost silenced Knox to protect Egan, who asked him to do it. What John doesn’t know, though, is that Proctor has a spy present at their meeting who spills all the tea.

The feds also discuss finding the gun at Truth, which seems odd to Angela (because we all know that Ghost was adamant about keeping illegal activity away from Truth), but Spidey senses don’t hold up in the court of law. They’ve also decided to go after Tommy again, to try to prove he’s Ghost. Proctor tells Tommy to lay low because if they prove he’s a drug dealer it’s going to get heavy. The proverbial elephant in the room is that if none of them would be in this situation Ghost had left Angela alone.


Proctor fills Ghost in on what’s happening and Ghost is pissed because he’d never leave a gun at Truth and because he knows that John might try to get him to flip and snitch on Tommy if they can prove he’s Ghost.


And then we discover that Ghost is up for the death penalty.


When Tommy gets the news, he gives Ghost his word that he will take care of his family.


Ghost is a criminal, but it’s hard not to have all the feels.

Let’s do this again next week.


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