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UPDATE 1: Man Suspected Of Fatally Shooting High School Grad in ‘Senseless’ Road Rage Incident Turns Himself In

A Pennsylvania man has turned himself into police for shooting an 18-year-old woman in “a senseless” road rage incident that occurred earlier this week.

According to PEOPLEDavid Desper, 28, turned himself in to authorities on Sunday after allegedly fatally shooting Bianca Roberson, a teenager that recently graduated from high school.

As we previously reported, the two got into an altercation when they both tried to merge in a single lane on a  highway on Wednesday. Authorities believe that for whatever reason, this angered Depser so much that he shot Roberson in the head and killed her.

He drove off while her body was found in her car later that day.

Desper has been charged with first- and third-degree murder, possession of an instrument of crime, criminal homicide and recklessly endangering another person, PEOPLE reported.

In addition, Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan said that the 40-caliber weapon believed to be used in the crime was found in Desper’s bedroom. And while Desper is white and Roberston was Black, Hogan says the evidence doesn’t indicate that race played a role in the murder of the well-loved teen.

“There is no indication that we’re aware of that this is a race crime or a hate crime. This appears to be a savage, senseless and brutal act from one human being to another human being,” Hogan said in the news conference.

Original Story Posted July 1, 2017: High School Grad Gunned Down By Truck Driver In Road Rage Crash 

Pennsylvania police are on the hunt for a suspect they believe gunned down a high school graduate in a bout of road rage earlier this week.

According to CBS-Philadelphia,18-year-old Bianca Nikol Roberson was shot in the head by a man driving a pickup truck in Westtown Township. In a press conference on Thursday night, Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan said the suspect, who was driving a red pick-up truck, got enraged when Roberson and him merged into the same lane.

“A red pickup truck merged in at the same time and the man in the pickup truck pulls out a gun and shot her in the head killing her,” said Hogan.

Police found Roberson’s body in her car on the side of the road.

“To that person, to that man, who fired that shot, turn yourself in now. Every second you are out there, you are only making this worse for yourself and making this worse for this young lady’s family,” Hogan said.

On Friday night, a vigil was held to help remembered Bianca’s short, but beautiful life, WPVI reported. And for the first time, Bianca’s mother, Michelle Roberson, spoke publicly about her daughter’s murder.

“I don’t know who did this. Why they wanted to steal my baby from me, parents, friends, neighbors. All I can say is thank you for being here showing Bianca how much she was loved,” she said.

Bianca’s friends spoke also about how important she was to them.

“It’s surreal. I can’t pick up the phone, call or text her. It’s surreal,” one friend said.

Another said: “I expected so much greatness in her. I’m trying so hard not to be angry.”

“She was truly a great human being. And what happened to her is unspeakable.”

A composite sketch that was released on Friday shows describes the suspect as “a white male, with blonde or light brown hair, in his 20s or early 30s,” WPVI noted.

“We just hope this guy is caught, so he can be brought to justice for our daughter,” Bianca’s father Rodney Roberson said.


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