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The Bachelorette is back, and she’s feeling the pressure of being the first Black bachelorette.

Here we are again! It’s been two weeks since the last episode of The Bachelor.

In case you forgot what was going on, Eric was mad that the other men were talking about him. He was hollering in the middle of the living room.

It’s evident that cabin fever and producer machinations are getting to the men. That and some pot stirring. Specifically, Lee is anticipating being a problem. It even looks like he enjoys being a jerk.

Lee interrupted Kenny’s private time twice, causing Kenny to give the camera some meme-worthy side-eye.

His cringe-y first comments aside, Dean peeped Lee’s pattern. Dean indirectly called Lee out for being racist. He didn’t specifically say that Lee was clashing with the Black men, but he hinted at it heavily.

And it seems his assessment may be spot-on as Lee has been outed for being a Trump supporter and a Black Lives Matter critic.

This kind of threw Kenny for a loop because he thought Lee was his friend in the house. This led to a confrontation that left Kenny fuming and Lee with a clear plan to smear his name.

For those keeping count this was the second time someone had to holler at Lee in one night. Lee tried to Jedi Mind Trick Kenny, and Kenny was not going to let himself be fooled.

The walls are thin in The Bachelorette Mansion, and the shouting interrupted some of Rachel’s private conversations. All she could hear was Kenny.

This prompted Rachel to find a more secluded spot for her alone time with Bryan, where she admitted that she’s a little unnerved by how charming he is. Bryan’s handsome; he’s suave; he knows just what to say. And as many single women know that can sometimes be a recipe for disaster.

But the negativity in the house still spoiled the evening for Rachel. In a rare moment, she told producers that she feels immense pressure being the first Black Bachelorette.

Rachel is keenly aware that there are politics attached to the decisions she makes. She wants to find the right man for her, but she is very aware about the unspoken expectations that have been set on her.

Race is a huge issue this season, even if producers and the audience might treat it like the elephant in the room.

It was all a bit too much for Rachel, so she cut the evening short and made her eliminations. Somehow, Lee made it to the next round–despite the fact that he got progressively sloppier as the episode wore on. All of the guys seem to know that Lee is trouble, but Rachel might need a bite more time to figure that out.

Rachel brought the guys out to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, to get away from the drama in the mansion.

Almost immediately, she took Dean out for a one-on-one date. It started out with a cozy drive out into a field for a picnic on the hood of their jeep. What she didn’t know is that her date would be facing a major fear of heights when she took him up in a blimp.

Dean was a mess, and Rachel was concerned that he might actually get sick. To ease his fears, she took control and learned how to pilot the blimp. She eventually convinced him to get in the cockpit and try his turn at the helm and he liked it.

The guys were a little shook that Rachel is hitting it off with Dean. To comfort themselves they remembered that he’s quite a bit younger than her. While the guys were simply trying to ease their fears, they did have a point. Younger guys are often times not ready to settle down.

Meanwhile, on their date, Dean was opening up about his mother’s passing. As he puts it, losing his mom affected his family in a profound way. He expressed an interest in starting his own family and being in a committed relationship.

It was an incredibly emotional moment, so Rachel lightened the mood by taking Dean to a street concert, where they were the center of attention. Dean took her for a spin and stole a few smooches during the show.

Back the resort, the remaining men were dreading the group date card. The guys are starting to run the odds. As much as the guys want to spend time with Rachel, no one wants to hear their name come up as part of a group date because that means they aren’t really getting any quality time with Rachel.

While the majority of the men were able to suck it up for the group date, Josiah was on a mission to win the rose. When Rachel suggested the guys take off their shirts, he was the first to whip off his top. Admittedly, Josiah’s muscles were popping and his smile was gleaming, so he had nothing to hide.

After a show of pure testosterone, Rachel wanted the guys to match wits with what may be the most awkward spelling bee in television history. Josiah won the night, so he rode that high into the next portion of the group date.

His celebratory mood rubbed Iggy the wrong way, and for the second time in as many episodes, Iggy found himself reporting some of the other guys to Rachel–specifically Josiah.

Elsewhere, Lee spent his time with Rachel reporting on Kenny–attempting to cast him in the worst possible light. Instead of giving Kenny the benefit of the doubt, she astonishingly seemed to side with Lee.

Rachel’s time with Kenny felt more like an interrogation as she seemed to put a bit more stock in what Lee said about Kenny. And the preference was apparent to Kenny.

How will things shake out for the Bachelorette’s resident wrestler? We’ll be tuning in next week to find out.


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