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Rachel Lindsay was in for a huge shock that forced her to send a man packing in the middle of date.

After an eventful intro night, everyone was feeling optimistic as a new day dawned at the Bachelorette mansion.

Before the guys got their days started host Chris Harrison made it a point to say that he hopes all of the suitors were there for genuine reasons because Rachel is serious about finding her husband.

When producers and editors foreshadow like this, you know some serious mess is about to go down. It’s only a matter of time.

The first group date started out with a barbecue, where Rachel and the suitors sipped on Moscow Mules and played football before the games really began. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis decided to come out for the festivities and help Rachel find a man because they are superfans.

The Kutcher-Kunises set up a Husband Material obstacle courses to separate the contenders from the pretenders. Unfortunately, Ashton was not impressed by the suitors and he made it known that he doesn’t think Rachel’s hubby was in this group.

Most of the guys were focused on the task at hand, but Blake had his target locked on Lucas. He seems a bit obsessed with the guy, but it would be best for him to run his own race.

Somehow, Lucas won at the obstacle course, and he wanted Ashton to shout his catchphrase, but the actor/activist refused to give him a Whaboom.

During the second half of the group date, Rachel was eager to talk to Lucas one-on-one. While she was surprised by his demeanor when they’re alone, she wasn’t thrilled by much of the conversation from the guys that night.

I’m baffled how Rachel is holding Fred’s past as a kid against him, but she’s giving the Whaboom guy—who seems incredibly immature as an adult—more than a fair chance. Fred may have been bad a kid, but Lucas acts like an idiot now. Girl, get it together.

While Rachel was having private time with each of the guys, Blake was expanding his campaign against Lucas. Apparently, Blake knows how Whaboom is off-camera because he lives with the guy’s ex-girlfriend. This means he’s got the inside tea on Lucas, and Blake doesn’t believe he’s here for genuine reasons.

This was all most of the guys need to start harping on Blake, but Kenny opted to check himself out of the drama. “These White dudes are kind of bugging right now,” he said before exiting stage left. Good move!

After a night of duds, Rachel had a great time chatting with Dean. She confessed that she loved his opening line even if no one else did. In fact, she was hoping to use it on him! They definitely seem to be clicking, so it’s not a huge surprise that they’re thinking the same.

Dean seemed pretty smitten too. He got that goofy look on his face while talking about her and he admitted that he regretted not going in for a kiss during their alone time.

But he didn’t miss his next opportunity when he won the group date rose. He used the victory as the perfect cue to walk her to the car and give her a passionate smooch before she rode back to the mansion. It looks to us like he’s getting a hubby edit.

Back at the mansion, Josiah and DeMario had a chat about who will be who’s Best Man when they marry Rachel. One of these men is getting waaay ahead of themselves.

They had a bunch of time to argue because Rachel was taking Peter out for the first solo date of the season. They started out by riding to a local airfield where they were supposed to hop on a private plane.

She made him sweat a little when Rachel told him that she’s bringing someone else on their date…it turned out to be her dog, Copper. This was on-theme since they went to a doggy pool party for BarkFest. After that, it was off to LaQuinta for a romantic dinner, where they had some quality time.

Rachel and Peter connected over the gaps in their teeth, but that is not the only thing they have in common: both decided to see a therapist to figure out why relationships were not working out for them.

Rachel gave him a rose before they walked off into the evening to do some star gazing that turned into a fireworks display. It was the perfect end to an amazing day, and Rachel told viewers, “I see a lot of potential with Peter.”

The Bachelorette rode those warm fuzzies into the next day for her next group date.

Rachel took it to court for group date #2—the basketball court, that is—and she got some assistance from none other than living legend Kareem Abdul-Jabar.

Everyone was having a good time, and DeMario had her eye for sure. Especially after he dunked on her. Things were looking great for DeMario for now.

What started out as a fun day in the court turned high-stakes as the guys discovered that they would be playing a real game for a packed house!

While the guys were hooping it up on the court, Rachel was having a great time on the sidelines cheering and getting down with the band. DeMario was taking this super serious. He stepped out with a mission, and he was showing off his skills. Sadly, his team did not win, but his day was about to get a whole lot worse.

After the game, Rachel took pictures with fans of the show—it was business as usual until a woman claiming to be DeMario’s girlfriend came up to burst her bubble. Things were about to get good!

The mystery woman must have been mad about this for a while because homegirl has been sitting on this bombshell since Rachel was first introduced as the Bachelorette months ago.

Rachel went back to the locker room to get DeMario, and his face cracked when he saw his girlfriend. He tried to play it off at first, though, asking who the girl was.

That quickly fell apart as DeMario’s woman then said she’s been with him over six months and never met his friends or family. According to him, though, they had been on-and-off for months. Now, if you’ve been with a man at least six months and haven’t met anyone in his life, you might not actually be his girlfriend.

Despite whatever dispute she and DeMario may have had about their relationship status, she pulled out her phone to show Rachel the receipts.

It was all too much BS for Rachel and she dismissed him on the spot. She sent him packing, demanding, “I’m really going to need you to get the f*@% out!”

With that, Rachel was officially done. It was a wakeup call for her to not be fooled by their charm. “I need to look past the charm and see them for who they are and recognize their true character,” she said.

The ejection put a damper on the date, so the guys focused on comforting her instead of vying for her attention. On the other hand, that hurt opened up the floor for more genuine conversations.

Josiah was the first man who wanted Rachel to know that he was feeling more protective of her than before. It must have been just what Rachel needed because he got the first kiss of the night and the group date rose.

Alex sang her a Russian folk song…

The rose ceremony was pretty uneventful. Rachel let the guys know what was up and then everyone went about the evening a Rose ceremony nights usually go.

First Rachel went off Bryan, who immediately went in for a kiss. Then she spent some time with Iggy. However, an unexpected guest soon threw a wrench into the evening. None other than DeMario showed up at the front gate, asking for another chance.

Host Chris came in to let Rachel know about DeMario’s arrival and the guys met him at the front door just as the episode came to a close.

I can’t wait to see what goes down next week!


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