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Kandi and Todd’s restaurant, Old Lady Gang, is closer to finally opening up to the public, but before that becomes official, Kandi makes plans to do a private preview for family and friends. Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta opens on that note, with the proper preparation being put in place for the main event. You already know something major is about to go down, right?

Speaking of, Todd and Peter are still hanging tough. Todd picked Peter up from the airport because he’s in town for the restaurant preview, and to finalize his divorce. Apollo happens to call shortly after Peter got in the car and mentions that he’d like for his new lady to go to the restaurant preview. He also takes the opportunity to shade Phaedra, claiming that his new lady is an upgrade. Oop.


In related news, Cynthia and Peter have finalized their divorce and plan to try to continue being friends.

The other stuff in the episode is whatever so let’s fast forward to the OLG preview. So far so good as people start to trickle in and start mingling and sampling food. There’s no sign of Porsha, who probably hopefully isn’t coming, or Phaedra just yet.

Everything goes smoothly for the bulk of the preview. There are no awkward vibes between Peter and Cynthia, and Kandi is at ease because there’s no Porsha in sight, but then, wait for it…Apollo’s new woman, Shereen, comes through and she’s going by “Mrs. Nida” even though she and Apollo are technically not married.


Todd is surprised to see her because he didn’t actually think she would show up, even though he said she could come. Todd is cordial and takes Shereen around to meet the women of the RHOA crew who actually showed up (which again, is everyone but Phaedra and Porsha). All the ladies gathered around to get the tea from Shereen and to figure out how she and Apollo are in love so quickly. Shereen basically says what we already know—that Shaedra Fakedra Phaedra is fake, and was negligent about visiting Apollo and when she did visit, she wasn’t honest about what was going on (it came out that she lied about when the divorce was finalized and she to Apollo and told him that she wanted to call it off, but then flipped the script on him and blindsided him with the papers). She also claimed that she and Apollo were strictly friends before he went in. The gist is that they kept it platonic when he was married to Phaedra, who was basically doing her own thing instead of being a present as a wife.


Eventually, they get Mr. Nida on the phone to talk about this, and he backs up what Shereen said. The general consensus of the group, based on reading between the lines, is that Shereen and Apollo were probably more than friends before Apollo went in, but Phaedra wasn’t fazed because she was getting it in with Mr. Chocolate n’em (*coughs allegedly).

It’s going to hit the fan next week though, when Phaedra gets wind of the new Mrs. Nida.


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