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The next time you want to take a selfie while working out at the gym, you can do it with a beat face thanks to the latest trend hitting the beauty market. “Active Cosmetics” are being catered to those who are concerned with their looks while working out.


Long gone are the days where you threw on any old t-shirt that was laying around and paired it with your oldest pair of torn sweats. Now you have to be cute and ready to mingle while working out at the gym. “Exercising has become a more social activity” expresses Hanna Symons, who is a personal care analyst at Euromonitor. She explains that the gym is a place “where you meet new people these days.”

Tarte Cosmetics became one of the first companies to venture into the “active beauty” industry by creating an “athleisure cosmetics” collection, which is basically a gym bag of essentials that includes eyeliner and mascara that are all workout proof. Clinique has also come out with their own gym bag products for busy consumers. “Nobody wants smudged mascara or streaked foundation when they’re trying to get through a round of sit ups, so it’s about makeup that’s compatible with the high-intensity exercise that’s become so fashionable to be seen to be doing.” says British Vogue beauty editor Lisa Niven.

The active beauty movement looks like its on the rise as the athleisure trend continues to grow as well. If you’re wearing a cute athleisure outfit to work out, why not have your makeup game on point as well…and be selfie-ready while working out?

Be sure to check out these products that will help you stay fresh from your kickboxing class to the smoothie bar:

Sweat Mineral Foundation SPF 30 with Twist Brush – for the on-the-go athlete who wants to stay looking great before and after working out. $42.00

Tarte High Performance Naturals – Gym Bag Grab Athleisure Essentials – this kit comes with sweatproof mascara (in black), nude lipstick and highlighting moisturizer (limited edition). $29.00

Clinique’s Pep Start Gym Bag Kit at Sephora – exfoliating cleanser, sports bottle, and mascara to keep you gym ready and hydrated. $27.50

L’Oreal Waterproof Mascara (Ulta) – mascara that keeps up with you while you workout while keeping away the clumping and flaking. $8.00

Unsun SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen – Frank Ocean’s mom created this skin protectant specifically for darker skin. Keep your skin intact during your next outdoor workout. $29.00


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