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The Real Housewives of Atlanta have concluded their glamping trip, but the drama between Porsha and Kandi takes center stage this episode. In fact, tonight’s show opens with the women prepping to go home on the bus. Kandi is so irritated that she decides to catch a flight instead of having to be in such close confines with Porsha. Meanwhile, on the bus, Sheree is back to being messy. She tries to get Phaedra to admit that she started the Kandi-is-a-lesbian rumor. Phaedra doesn’t budge.


Back in Atlanta, Kandi fills her crew in on what happened. Their general consensus is that Phaedra is on some BS for being quiet, knowing she started this mess, and that Porsha is on some BS because “everybody knows she hooks up with girls.” Speaking of the latter part, Kandi then goes into a story about how Porsha was kissing on her at a party and then told her that she wanted to eat the cat until she climaxed (she said it using much dirtier words, so this is the cleaned up version).


Kandi points out the obvious: no newbie would speak that way. It’s also worth it to point out that Kandi, who talks openly about sex and has a sex toy line, presents a good case: Wouldn’t someone that open about sex admit to being a lesbian?  She admitted to hooking up with a woman, so Porsha’s shots don’t really have legs to stand on. She got played by Phaedra and really should have just kept her mouth shut.


Fast forward to the moment Porsha and Kandi finally get together to have their one-on-one chat. Porsha claims she didn’t think what she said would carry any weight. Huh?

Yeah, anyway…

Then Porsha tells Kandi to drop the act because she has also been gossiping about her. It turns into Kandi saying that Porsha lives her life in secret, and that she lies about a lot of things. Things get even more awkwardn when Porsha accuses Kandi and Todd of having wild threesomes. Kandi says that she and Todd only did that once and then Porsha accuses Kandi of having a sex dungeon. Kandi says, in her confessional, that she’d admit it if she had a sex dungeon because she thinks the concept is cool. Again, this is believable given that Kandi is so open about sex. Also, Kandi has never been caught in a lie throughout her time on this franchise. Anyway, Kandi then reminds Porsha about that (alleged) time she came on to her and offered oral sex. Porsha claims she never offered her services and that Kandi isn’t her type.

This tew much.


Porsha goes on to accuse Todd of cheating and using the alias, “Marvin.” Basically, Porsha is reaching and this is all really stupid. The conversation goes nowhere, and Kandi finally cuts it short by walking away.

However, next week they’re supposed to go to Hawaii and that is where Kandi threatens to choke the ish out of Porsha.


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