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Yaaasss! Eric Holder Says Obama Is Back And ‘Ready To Roll’


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Former Attorney General Eric Holder said that former President Obama is set to return to politics and take on gerrymandering. He plans on joining forces with Holder and the new National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which Holder was asked to chair last year by Obama, says Politico.

“It’s coming. He’s coming,” Holder said. “And he’s ready to roll.”

Gerrymandering is the manipulation the county boundaries of (an electoral constituency) to favor one party or class, usually one that favors Republicans. And Holder stressed that Obama’s role in fighting them “will be a more visible part of the effort.”

“This is really a battle for our democracy,” Holder said. “The notion that people are denied their ability to cast a meaningful vote … is inconsistent with who we say we are, inconsistent with what we say our democracy is about.”

We are ready to roll as well! Welcome back Sir!

Sigh: Trump Referred To HBCU Presidents As ‘You People’

President Trump Holds A Listening Session With GOP Members

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Between being called “The Blacks” and being told our very existence is a “living hell,” it’s clear that #45 doesn’t have the best grasp on racial sensitivity. Sadly, it continues to get worse.

According to Buzzfeed, when Trump invited HBCU leaders for the signing of his HBCU Executive order earlier this week, he reportedly said to all-Black group: “You people are doing an amazing job.”

Sigh. Guess Armarosa forgot to tell him that Black folks are not all that keen about being called “You people.”

In addition, four HBCU presidents that were in the room told Buzzfeed that Trump then repeated the refrain three more times, which led to some raised eyebrows amongst the college officials. However some leaders didn’t trip, they brushed it off as “Trump being Trump.”

“I’ve heard a lot worse than that, and I mean a lot worse,” an anonymous college president from a Southern state told a reporter at the website. “I’m sure if you’re from the North or whatever you might be offended by something like that.”

“I was waiting on him to say something worse,” they added.

Oh how low the has been set!

Kennedy Center Names Its First Director Of Hip-Hop Culture

The Kennedy Center recently announced their very first director of hip-hop culture and contemporary music!

NBC Washington reported that Simone Eccleston, who is currently the director of programming at Harlem Stage in New York, has been tapped for this new position. Her first day will be on March 13.

In this role, Eccleston will oversee a center-wide commitment to hip-hop culture and contemporary music, which includes R&B, soul, folk and roots, indie, world music and Latin music, says a release. One of her major goals is to up community involvement and participation through the art of hip-hop and social action.

“With the Kennedy Center serving as the preeminent home for our nation’s arts and culture, the creation of a programmatic platform for hip-hop culture is deeply significant,” Eccleston said.

Kennedy Center Senior Vice President Robert van Leer stressed that she excited to have Eccleston on board.

“We are thrilled to have an arts administrator of Simone’s caliber join us — someone who can lead that exploration of what hip-hop at the Kennedy Center can become in the coming years,” van Leer said in a statement.

“And we believe it is the Center’s responsibility to develop and elevate thought-leaders like Simone to champion the bright future of our nation’s cultural institutions.”

Congrats Simone!