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Tonight’s episode of Scandal is an emotional rollercoaster ride, and what you think you thought about Cyrus’ involvement in Frankie Vargas’ death is so much deeper. The episode opens with David Rosen announcing that they have expanded the scope of their investigation of Frankie Vargas’ death due to more evidence (the video footage that the gladiators obtained), and this doesn’t look good for Cyrus. Meanwhile, the Gladiators are putting a timeline together of Jennifer Fields’ footage. You know what this means, right? This episode is full of flashback vignettes!


First we see when Cyrus first met Jennifer Fields, who was hired to document Frankie’s historic run. Back in the present, no one is taking Cyrus’ phone calls. He tells his husband that Olivia Pope is trying to set him up and then Elizabeth North pops back up. You know she’s power hungry. She wants to help Cyrus beat this in exchange for a Chief of Staff job, but she can’t do that until she gets his side of the story so she asks him to start from the beginning.

It begins with Cyrus getting nominated at Vargas’ VP. There’s excitement in the air, but Olivia is no fool. She informs Cyrus that she knows he cheated his way to the top. He feigned outrage at the accusations and told Olivia to never speak on it again. She didn’t have reason to speak on it then because she was still betting on a Mellie Grant win.


Back in the present, Fitz tells Cyrus to either take a plea and go to jail, or step down and get clemency. Cyrus says he’ll withdraw if Mellie does, and that they should let the country pick an entirely new president. Fitz refuses. Cyrus unsuccessfully tries to convince him that Olivia is behind this because she wants to win that badly.That plan of action fails too because everyone is over Cyrus’ ish.


Speaking of being over Cyrus, things get even worse for him when Tom resurfaces, bitter and angry. He’s upset that Cyrus humped and dumped him and as I turns out, he is the real threat (it’s also important to note that appears as if Frankie and Jennifer have been sleeping together). Hold that thought.

In the present, Huck finds out that Tom “took care” of Jennifer for Cyrus. What had happened was…

Tom offered to do this in a moment of passion, and Cyrus agreed, not thinking it would be too serious because time is scary and that Jennifer would scare easily, but he definitely underestimated what Tom would do. Tom effed her up. Seriously, she looked like this…

Later on (still in a flashback), Tom and Cyrus are celebrating Jennifer no longer being an issue (but Cyrus still doesn’t know the extent of what Tom did). Tom puts the bug in Cyrus’ ear that Frankie is weak and that he’s really the one who should be president. Tom implies that he can take care of Frankie too. Cyrus is reluctant and says that Frankie has been good to him, but then Tom asks him the million dollar question just before going downtown: “Do you want to be president of the United States?”  You know Cyrus would never turn down the chance to be the most powerful man in the world.


In the next vignette we’re back at the scene of Cyrus and Frankie’s argument on camera. Frankie found out what happened to Jennifer and Cyrus claimed that he did what he did to help them win at all costs (because Frankie cheating would be an awful look for their campaign, obvi). Frankie reveals that he was never sleeping with Jennifer and that he loves his wife and then we get to the infamous line where Frankie threatened to send him to jail once the campaign trail is over.

Cyrus then confronts Tom, who is still threatening Frankie’s life, and demands that he not harm Frankie. It’s clear that Tom has gone rogue and will probably do what he wants anyway. Cyrus screams that they’re done, but you know how side pieces can get in these situations, so this obviously doesn’t end well and Cyrus is in too deep.

Back in the present, Cyrus meets up with Tom to try to appeal to any humanity he may have left in his black soul, but he’s too broken hearted. He goes on this tirade about no longer being Cyrus’ bish and that he’s on top now. Tom pulls out a gun and aims it straight at Cyrus’ head. Laaaawd.


However, Tom doesn’t shoot Cyrus, because he says there’s a fate worse than death. That fate is heartbreak and now Tom wants to “hand that feeling back to him.” That’s when you realize that Cyrus’ fate doesn’t involve being president, and it’s actually a really sad (surprisingly) realization.

The episode wraps up with Tom admitting that he killed Frankie Vargas under Cyrus’ order. With Cyrus in jail, the electoral college will have no choice but to vote for Mellie Grant, but this is far from over. You know Cyrus isn’t going out like this, and next week’s promo is a testament to that.

There will also be a major twist that we’ll have to wait and see about.


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