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Here are some tips for having healthy on the go snacks that wont intrude on your diet:

If you’re going to work…bring vegetables and fruits

It’s easier to resist the morning-meeting muffin basket or the afternoon trip to the vending machine if you come to the office prepared. Fruits and veggies make for healthy, low-calorie snacks that are perfect between meals. If you’re craving crunch, reach for carrot sticks or sliced cucumber. Satisfy a sweet tooth with your favorite in-season fruit. If you need an extra afternoon pick-me-up, dip your veggies in hummus or spread peanut butter on an apple or banana.

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If you’re going on an airplane…bring nuts

You never know when your next meal will be when you’re traveling, so be sure to pack snacks in your carry-on. You want something that will travel well. That means no leaky, smelly or refrigeration-required foods–your seatmate will thank you! Nuts are high in protein, so they’ll keep you satisfied longer. Just remember, they’re also high in fat–albeit the good kind–so pay attention to portion size or look for single-serving packs.

If you’re going on a car trip…bring granola bars

Healthy dining options can be limited when you’re on the road. To avoid pulling over at a fast-food restaurant, pack granola bars. This fiber-rich treat will keep you satisfied for the long haul. Even if you’re not going on a road trip, keep a supply in your glove box in case you get stuck in traffic and need a pick-me-up.

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