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Let’s adorn ourselves in sexy, shall we beauties?

It’s a new year, and while the whole world is joining the gym and getting on new diet plans, we’re over here trying to have better, hotter, sexier sex.

The conversation around sex and women has changed dramatically within the last decades, with female orgasm no longer considered a myth and sex toys being so technically advanced, some women had to reconsider the necessity of men.

As women, we are becoming more comfortable with our bodies as we move away from old dogma and embrace the glory of loving every inch of yourself fully. Yes, sex can be a solo activity. And we’re learning how to please ourselves so we can be better satisfied with partners.

Sex talk is no longer reserved to giggling, immature locker conversations, sex is a grown-ass-woman conversation. And as your digital girlfriends, we encourage women to get more honest about their libidos, their desires, and their fantasies, in order to have the best sex life possible.

HelloBeautiful has compiled articles, interviews and features all intended to help jump start your sex life for 2017. This month of sex content will culminate in a 30 day sex challenge for February.

If you have any interesting sex stories of your own, feel free to submit them to, and we will post your juicy stories anonymously.

Happy sexing!



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