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I really enjoy period sex.

When it’s “that time of the month” my senses are heightened, my skin is more sensitive, my lips are more full, and my cheeks are more flushed which means…I’m ready to get it on.

I know a lot of my soul sisters don’t share in this sentiment, so I wanted to break down why I think period sex can be such a powerful, intimate practice.

As we know, period menses are a clearing of the lining of the uterus and is therefore a biological waste product, but what if we just considered all that extra fluid as some natural lubrication? Atleast, that’s how I look at it.

Canceling out sex days on the account of Aunt Flo just doesn’t seem right, so I’ve learned to rock the boat through the red current.



For example, one of the sexiest things a man has ever done to me is pull out my tampon.


Yea, I know. But there was something so “I have to have you now” about it that I found to be so enthralling. Most men don’t even want to go near your lady parts when you’re bleeding, so to see him literally dive in like Moses parting the Red Sea without hesitation was super sexy.

In order to feel like delicious diva while bleeding, you first have to let go of the idea that it’s dirty. This flow is literally how the cycle of life on Earth continues. Like, it’s a big f*cking deal. Without this monthly process, there would be no more people…ever. I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel really important…and horny.

Having a partner that can maturely recognize that feminine power and embrace you during this time versus sexile you is an awesome thing. Which is why the experience of period sex just seems a little deeper to me than a normal bedroom romp

So here’s your digital kit to bomb period sex:

  1. Bath Water—I’ve personally noticed my flow lightens or stops if I get in the tub first. So run you and your man a bath before making it to the bed (or stay in the tub ;)
  2. Tylenol or Naproxen–You don’t want to be having cramps during the sensual experience.
  3. Black towels, I repeat, Black towels. You don’t want to stain your sheets!
  4. Hot washcloth nearby for afterwards (honestly everyone should have this, period sex or not). Feels so soothing!
  5. An adventurous partner. You’ve got to be with someone who is okay breaking taboos and working passed their own misconceptions. Also, make sure he knows what’s up. No bloody surprises!
  6. An open mind. Nobody feels sexy when they are self conscious. Free your mind, your vagina will follow.

What say you beauties, ready to give it a try?


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