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Hillary Clinton Makes A Statement After Loss In Presidential Election

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It’s been a little over a month since half the country watched in horror as President Elect Donald Trump passed the electoral college threshold with 270 votes.

But his electoral college landslide doesn’t tell the whole story. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton just surpassed Donald Trump in popular votes by 2.6 million, according to the International Business Times. Clinton leads with 65,527,625 votes, the most votes ever garnered by a presidential candidate. And with the official count still being tallied, Clinton could easily secure a 3 million vote lead over Trump.

As Trump makes his cabinet selections, a group led by third-party candidate Jill Stein seeks to recount votes in key states: Michigan, Pennsylvania & Wisconsin. Stein does note that her mission isn’t to undo the results, but intended to bring light to the integrity of our election system. Stein and her team, who have raised over $7.2 million dollars for the cause, note compromised electronic voting systems and voter obstruction could have slanted the election.

Meanwhile, ‘rogue’ electors’ are urging their electoral college cohort to not cast votes in favor of Donald Trump. According to the electoral college system, 36 electors cast votes on behalf of their state. While these votes are intended to be representative of the state’s election decision, the electors do have the agency to cast a vote to whom they please.

The electoral college meets on December 19th to cast their official vote. With only 3 electors voicing their commitment to go ‘rogue,’ it is unlikely the campaign will sway the 36 electors needed to sway the election.




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