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Election Day 2016: Donald Trump Speaks After Becoming 45th President

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To the fauxminist women for Trump, I’m so done with y’all.

I’ve never felt so betrayed, horrified and disappointed by a group of people in my life. Today, I feel like you slit my soul’s throat with your knife of privileged indifference.

In particular, of the white women who voted in this election, 53 percent checked the ballot for one of the most sexist, misogynistic, bigoted men in the history of American politics, leaving our reproductive rights and large swaths of American people in grave danger.

Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, or perhaps I’ve been operating under the guise of misplaced faith. But here I am, the day after, and I want to scream at this pain and betrayal I’m feeling.

But really, perhaps, I’m the fool who believed in you.

I should have known when, after months of Donald Trump dragging Muslims, Latinos, the disabled and so many other minority groups, you only talked about this man’s issues when he came for your own. When he spoke on Megyn Kelly’s period, or when he said he could “grab ’em by the pussy” about a rich, beautiful, White television host. We stood with you then, as sisters in the struggle against patriarchy and rape culture, even as you secretly stood against us, preparing yourselves to vote for him.

But even those comments from him were not enough to disgust enough you to turn away from a candidate grounded in Whiteness with a capital W. By Whiteness, I don’t mean people who are white. I mean Whiteness in the sense of White Nationalism. In its most pejorative sense – in supremacy, in privilege, in thinly-veiled references to returning to a time when Black and brown people did not have your jobs or live in your neighborhoods.

When America was “great.”

Are you so threatened at even the idea of giving us a seat at the table that you felt it was preferable to turn down the path of the complete erasure of anyone who does not look like you?

It’s clear you only care about yourselves. And worse, you don’t see yourselves as part of the problem.

We’ve been fighting with so many of you for so long for you to diversify what “feminism” means. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “intersectionality,” and yet, for a century, it seems like you have been either openly rejecting it or pretending it doesn’t exist. Either way, you are not including us.

Take, for example, your march to Susan B. Anthony’s grave, in what is the perfect metaphor for the problem with this election. Thousands of women from both sides of the political spectrum lined up to place “I voted” stickers on her grave. You championed her as a shining example of White women who fight for equality. And yet, if you were to look into her past, you would see that she was vehemently opposed to supporting Black people’s right to vote.

She famously said, “I will cut off this right arm of mine before I will ever work or demand the ballot for the negro and not the woman.”

Like so many feminists in this election and so many more before it, the choice defaulted to Whiteness, above all else. Whiteness at any cost.

And so, here we are, dealing with a disaster you have created.  And you’re out here celebrating your victory, having put Hillary Clinton, that “Nasty Woman” in her “place.” You’re talking about “law and order,” “safety for your family” and how “she’s a liar.”

And yet you put the biggest liar of all in the highest of offices, all while simultaneously lying about your support of him.

You showed out for White supremacy and yet you have the nerve to ask us to work with you. To “cooperate” and “accept” our fate, like the good little minions you think we should be.

You ask us to respect this president-elect, whose entire platform is disrespecting us.

Girl, bye.

I’m ashamed of you today. And I’m ashamed of myself for believing in you.


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