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Young Thug has come under fire for putting his foot way in his mouth on Wednesday at an airport in Atlanta.

According to TMZ, the “Jeffrey” rapper posted a video of himself blasting two Black female Alaska Airlines employees, blaming them for making him miss his flight to Seattle for a concert. An airline rep told the gossip site that the rapper got to the airport after the airline’s 45-minute cutoff period. 

In one of the clips, Young Thug pulls out a Bentley bag filled with $15,000 and tries to bribe the workers in hopes they’ll quit their job and let him on his scheduled flight.


I’ll give y’all bum ass hoes $15,000 to quit your job,” Thug said before he pulled a pile of cash out of his bag.  Then he said “I’m giving y’all bums one more chance.”  When two women turned their backs to him, Thug called both women “ants” and said their hair was “nappy as a mothaf***er” and that they looked like “Africans,” Vibe reported.

The women declined Thug’s offer and he ended up missing his flight. And while he was offered a seat on a later one, he said “no” and ended up having to reschedule his performance in Washington State.

Now if calling two Black women “peasants” and “nappy” in some temper tantrum wasn’t bad enough, the 25-year-old took to Twitter to clarify what happened saying that his message wasn’t “to all my Black women” but was to “those two black burnt women.”


Of course Twitter lit him up:


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