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As if Black women don’t get beat up on enough in the mainstream/white media, we also have to deal with the ridiculous logic and degrading opinions of some Black men—like Trick Daddy. The Miami rapper emerged from relative obscurity today to set social media aflame with his ridiculous ideas.

In a special Instagram post, Trick Daddy went on a rant about how Black women need to “tighten up” because white women and Spanish women are coming for our spot. Of course being a rapper who built his career on spewing derogatory lyrics about women, he didn’t use the term “women,” but instead referred to Black, white and Spanish women as “hoes.”

Perhaps the most disturbing and disgusting thing about the rant of a washed up, irrelevant rapper criticizing what Black women need to do is that he stated it with such confidence, in a matter-of-fact tone—as if he actually thinks we care about his opinion because he is a catch. *side eye*

Fortunately, the majority of social media collectively ripped him to shreds for his comments.Yet as Black women, we are unfortunately familiar with some Black men taking any opportunity they can to spew out the same logic as Trick Daddy. This is a part of a larger conversation, one that is becoming more frequent as numbers of women occupy frontline positions in the Black Lives Matter movement while some men continue to disrespect and disregard us in favor of women of other races.

You can check out Trick Daddy’s full rant BELOW and decide if he’s someone you should take advice from:

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