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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood opens with Ray J talking about how he and Princess are getting married soon, but they’re drifting apart and having tension. (But since we know they’re married now,everything obviously worked out.) However, Ray J reached out to his dad for dramatic effect advice. Meanwhile, Princess told Brandi she’s actually considering getting a prenup to protect herself (and she wants Brandi to keep that info to herself, as if that ever happens on this show). More on that later.


Lyrica Jr. met up with Pam to apologize for being rude to her. Pam accepted the apology, but mentioned that it’s not her that’s the problem—it’s her mother. Little Lyrica tried to downplay her mom’s craziness and mentioned that her mom said she’d give A1’s car back. She also got the bright idea to have Pam ride with her to get the car from her mother, like that’s gonna go well.


Hazel E is back. Raise your hand if you care.


She met up with Teairra Mari for a kiki. Teairra discussed her court case from that time she allegedly went ham on her Uber driver, while Hazel claimed to have released a “fire” single with Fetty Wap (that no one has heard). But the gag is, Masika said it’s not Fetty Wap on the single. The insinuation is that Hazel is lying. But where’s Fetty at for confirmation, because he’s been quiet in all of this?


Basically, Hazel and Masika still got bird beef going on. Later on in the episode, we find out there’s a bench warrant out for Teairra’s arrest, so she needs to handle her legal business ASAP!

Now let’s fast forward past the arbitrary stuff real quick. There’s Moniece’s sex tape, and she’s all like, how dare Brandi do that to her. She also figured out who was the source of the tape, some rapper you never heard of that she dated back in the day, yatta yatta. Back to Princess: Remember when she got indignant because Sonja Norwood suggested Ray J get a prenup? She didn’t want to sign that prenup and was insulted by the idea of it, but now she has decided she wants to get a prenup to protect her assets just in case things get really petty.


Keep it together. Anyway, Princess actually does have assets (a clothing line and some other stuff) and she mentioned that one time she and Ray had a fight and he decided to buy the rights to her name.


Back to the Little Lyrica-Big Lyrica situation…

When Big Lyrica saw Pam in the car with Little Lyrica she immediately started popping off. Little Lyrica got so frustrated with her mom that she literally screamed for her to cut the shenanigans. She explained that Pam was there to finally make peace. Eventually Lyrica Sr. got the message, and she and Pam hugged it out. It looks like there will be a ceasefire for now.

Raise your hand if you high key wanted Pam to fade Lyrica Sr.


Moniece confronted the rapper she made the sex tape alongside. His name is Phillip. Phillip claimed that Jason Lee just so happened to find a phone that he lost and got the tape off the phone. He also claimed that Moniece has no reason to worry because he won’t release it.


Moniece doesn’t believe him and demands every copy of the tape be sent to her lawyer. She then started going off about how Phillip is supposed to be her friend and she thought he would never do that to her, blah blah. Phillip claimed he’s going to send her the copy. Mind you, he’s smiling and laughing through this entire conversation, not really taking her seriously. His cavalier demeanor makes Moniece so mad that she slaps him. Security grabs Moniece up and Phillip just continues cracking up laughing. What he seems to find most funny is her disingenuous victim shtick.


The episode wraps with Masika and Hazel having their big confrontation. Masika demanded an apology from Hazel about something she said about her child. Hazel threw shots about Masika being a professional babymama. They continued throwing shots and finally almost fought, but security broke it up. This isn’t over. Basically it’s on site.


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