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The main topic on tonight’s Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood is Moniece’s sex tape, but before we get there, let’s back it up to the beginning. The episode opens with Nikki trying to make amends with Rosa Acosta. Nikki feels bad for playing Rosa and being rude at her party that time. Rosa accepted her apology and they agree to be cool again. Later on, Nikki took her apology tour to Safaree. He forgave her and they mutually decide to be in an exclusive monogamous relationship.

About that tape…

Messy Jason Lee met up with Ray J, Max, Brandi and Princess to discuss Brandi and Princess’ plans to put Moniece on blast. Jason played Moniece’s sex tape for the guys. Ray J, the king of all sex tapes, dubbed it “corny.” Princess and Brandi think this is a great way to get revenge against Moniece, but Ray J doesn’t think they should do this. Ray J says his future wife is too classy for all that, but um, word on the street is, Princess got a sex tape too.


A1, Safaree, and Pam (A1’s mom) were chilling and minding their own business until, all of a sudden, a tow truck driver came through to get A1’s car. The gag is, the car is actually in Big Lyrica’s name (because A1 had credit issues, or something like that at the time he bought it). Shenanigans ensued because Safaree stood on top of the tow truck so he couldn’t go anywhere, and then Mama A1 and Big Lyrica almost started scrapping again, but security stopped it. Sigh. Big Lyrica needs some real hobbies. Either that or let her go ahead and catch fade from Mama A1. Her antics are wack and exhausting.



Also, why did A1 even get a car I Big Lyrica’s name in the first place? Does this mean they got along at one point? You know how folks like to ham it up for the cameras. But I digress…A1’s car still got towed.

Later on, Pam (Mama A1) and A1 told Little Lyrica what her mom did. That conversation didn’t go well, either. Little Lyrica and Pam started arguing because Pam told her some truth about how her petty mother needs to tone it down. Little Lyrica had the nerve to step to her mother-in-law like she wanted to fight and then told A1 to check his mom. As if!


Speaking of mama drama, Sonja Norwood met up with Ray J for lunch (or dinner) to inform Ray J that she’s not thrilled about him getting married. Princess came through later (she was late because she was working on wedding stuff) so Sonja repeated the message. Sonja basically doesn’t think they they’re mentally and emotionally ready to get married. That conversation didn’t end in a brawl, but Princess’ feelings were hurt and this planted the seed for doubt. By the time the episode ended, it was clear that there was tension between Ray J and Princess. Sonja might be onto something.


Brandi’s hosting a multiple sclerosis charity event to support her sister. Fizz came through to support, so Max decided told him about the tape drama. Basically, Max doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Brandi and Princess to put the tape out because this could also affect people around Moniece, especially her son, and he wouldn’t want someone to do that to Brandi. Fizz later informed Moniece what was going down and asked her to stop starting ish with people. Moniece tried to play the victim card, claiming that she would never tell anyone if she had found something like that out about someone, especially if the woman was a mother.


Later, Fizz mentioned that Jason still has the tape so he’s gonna go holla at him to try to keep it from coming out. That meeting was tense. Jason mentioned that he didn’t have the tape in his possession, but he had access to it and hadn’t given it to Brandi and Princess yet. He said he’s tired of Moniece throwing rocks and hiding her hand (which she does often—and which is how she got herself in this situation), and that’s when Moniece walked in on the fun, claiming she got her lawyer involved to block the tape. Jason was frustrated that Brandi and Princess’ master plan was making him out to be the bad guy. He’s messy for getting involved, but this is more of a Princess and Brandi battle. However, Moniece brought all of this on herself, and next week it seems like she’s going to confront the actual owner of the tape and presumably the man she starred in it with. When #TeamBadDecisions comes back to haunt you.

How much you wanna bet that tape comes out anyway?


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