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Black Panther and Creed actor Michael B. Jordan and other celebs star in a new PSA about police brutality in the U.S.

Created by actor and Civil Rights icon Harry Belafonte, Against The Wall  juxtaposes audio excerpts from police radio accounts of unarmed Black men being shot and killed by officers with Black celebs, The Daily Beast wrote. Jordan joins Van Jones, Marc Lamont Hill, Michael K. Williams and Danny Glover in this collaboration with the social justice organization It also includes Sydney G James and Sophia Dawson to convey the impact it has on Black women as well.

The constant vilification of people of color is not new to the American psyche. Somehow cellphone video, dash cam video and news media flashing before our very eyes, hour after hour, the murder and victimization of black and brown bodies has desensitized us,” says Belafonte.

We are shining a light and calling out to all to take a look, listen and feel within your heart to take action,” he added.

Directed by Christopher Renz and Gerard Bus, the short film humanizes Black life, which is too frequently caught in the crosshairs of police brutality and state violence.

Bus recently spoke to Mashable about the meaning behind their video.

We thought it would prove powerful to place these celebrated people in the same positions that too many within the black community face — being forced against the wall, hands up, on the ground and eventually shot dead by police,” Bus said. “You can see and feel the same pain, bewilderment, fear, humiliation in the faces of these celebrated people, as you could imagine would have been on the faces of the victims themselves.”



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