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So, you proclaimed 2017 will be your year. Unlike past years, this is supposed to be the year you jumpstart your journey to peak self-care. However, it is September and you have yet to start. Girl, we’ve all been there!

But fear not. You know HelloBeautiful is your digital bestie, so we’ve put together six easy ways to make yourself the No. 1 priority without sacrificing all of your other responsibilities.

1. Give yourself a massage

We’d all love to splurge and treat ourselves to an hour-long massage at the spa, but it’s not always a possibility. But a quick and easy solution is to give yourself a 10-minute temple massage — and you can do it right at your desk! Turning away from your computer, close your eyes, and massage your temples with your pointer and middle fingers. Bonus: Play some soothing music like Sade or Maxwell while you’re doing it, and boom, you’ve got yourself your very own day spa.

2. Take a social break

Sometimes stepping away from your desk to say hello to a coworker or a friend down the hall is a quick and easy way to brighten your day. Don’t have time to do that? Take a quick break and visit a friend or family member’s social media page. Just make sure you set a time limit — too much social media can be a bad thing!

3. Treat yourself to a splurge

While we’d love to tell you to get that Chanel or Louboutin bag (and if you have the funds, by all means, do so), we know that’s not in the cards for most of us. But you can treat yourself to a delicious lunch away from your desk. So go ahead and order something you’ve been thinking about for the past few weeks, work it into your diet, and work it off later. Sometimes a little indulgence goes a long way.

4. Make time for a workout.

Considering your potential indulgence this week, working out will definitely be critical. But really it’s a fun and easy way to keep yourself feeling your best. Don’t worry about jumping into an overwhelming program — slow and steady wins the race. Start small. If you haven’t exercised in a while, try a brisk walk around the block and build your stamina slowly.

5. Take a trip to the salon

There are few things in this world that can boost most women’s moods more quickly and easily than a quick trip to the salon. Whether it’s getting your hair done or getting a mani-pedi, the salon forces you to take a few minutes for yourself. Which, sister, we know you need!

6. Take a breather – literally

Sometimes during our workday the hardest task to accomplish is having five minutes of peace and quiet. But you owe it to yourself to take them. Step away from your desk to find a quiet spot or close your office door and take a series of strong, deep breaths. Focus on the act of inhaling and exhaling, and allow your mind to quiet itself. We promise you’ll feel better after a few minutes of the easiest R&R you could ever imagine.


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