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In a perfect world, where love conquers all, you never stain your white clothes and donuts are calorie-free, first dates would always be everything you could dream of. In that world, every man looks as good as Morris Chestnut, star of the new upcoming movie When The Bough Breaks, opening nationwide Friday, September 9th.

In addition to Morris the movie stars Regina Hall, Michael K. Williams, Romany Malco, Theo Rossi and, in a super dramatic (and creepy) introduction, Jaz Sinclair as the woman who seems to be one thing and turns out to be something much more sinister entirely.

In our real lives, much like in the film, we’ve all known someone who flips the script on us. And while we may go into our first dates with the best of intentions, we can find it all going wrong.

#TeamBeautiful polled our girlfriends and got the craziest dating horror stories. Some names have been changed to protect sensitive (read: creepy) information.

Prepare to cringe and be sure to share yours below.

I had been going through a bit of a dating dry spell when I met a really cute guy at the public library in my city. I was excited, believing that I had just met a handsome, studious man. We agreed to meet again at the library next week and he told me about his favorite spot on the building’s fifth floor. I naively assumed that there was a café or a snack bar or something. When I got there, he was waiting in the stacks for me and told me about how he always had a fantasy of making out in the library. Before I could even entertain the decision, a member of the staff called him by name and told him she was telling him to leave the floor “for the last time.” I’m guessing he was something of a regular. Needless to say we never went on another date and I buy my reading materials online. *Kelly, 31

I once went on a movie date with a guy who seemed super cute all night. That was until told me he was jealous of my straw because of the way it was touching my mouth. Ew. *Nicole, 33

A few years ago, I decided to wear a sexy, form-fitted dress on a date I had been looking forward to for weeks. Of course, I had to wear a girdle to keep everything looking smooth and sleek. Too bad I accidentally tucked the dress into the girdle in the back, revealing … a lot. I didn’t even realize it until he told me while cracking up. I think I was most upset that he would laugh at a woman who was clearly humiliated. *Terry, 28

One guy I went on a date told me about every single ex he ever had, nitpicking on their looks, their jobs, even how they were in the bedroom. When I told him that I didn’t want to talk about them anymore, he started asking me if I was still single because I was so difficult. What a mess. *Nickesha, 25

I met up with a date once that took me to an outdoor bar in the summer. There were a lot of birds flying around and one made a dropping into my drink. My date cut everything short, telling me that the bird poop that landed in my drink was a bad omen. *Camille, 42

The last guy I went on a date with asked me if I could pay for his cab ride home because he had used all of his money on our dinner. It was $24! Lord knows money is tight for everyone these days, but if it’s that deep, perhaps dating should be paused until you’re a little more financially secure that a burrito won’t break the bank. *Alissa, 23 

Get ready for a thrilling girls night – When the Bough Breaks hits theaters September 9th.

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