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The West Coast ratchet gang is back for Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood season three, with a couple of new additions, and it’s already everything we’ve expected thus far.

The episode opened with Ray J and Princess on “good terms.” They’re married by now, which we already know, but just because they claim to have put their personal drama aside, doesn’t mean the cliché mother-in-law drama has been avoided. In other words, we will watch Sonja Norwood’s quest for Ray J to get a prenup unfold. The singer is resistant, and when he finally tells Princess, she’s not feeling it either, but they are married (no Stevie and Joseline) so it will be interesting to see how this goes because Sonja don’t play with folks messing with her chirren’s money.


Moniece and Richie D are over for good, just in time for Fizz to move in with her. It’s allegedly not on some romance ish, though. It’s a favor because Fizz is having gas leak issues at his home, so he figured staying with his baby mama was the best solution (just in time for the cameras). Nikki won’t be feeling his new living arrangement, and it’s important to point out that Moniece would like his sperm. Her words, not ours.


As far as the beefs go, Moniece and Brandi are still feuding. They confronted one another at Nia’s “Mommies and Mimosas” brunch. That didn’t go well, but they didn’t try to gouge each other’s eyes out either.

In other Moneice beef-related news, she and Nikki aren’t feeling each other either. Teairra Mari got the bright idea to act as the mediator for Moniece and Nikki’s “peace talk” that led to more beef. Remember when Nikki told Rich that Moniece was still in love with Fizz which basically led to their breakup? So, yeah, Moniece is still holding that grudge. Nikki thought she was cute by mentioning Fizz wanted to get serious with her, so Moniece stepped up the #PettyWhite by revealing Fizz is staying with her and that, again, she wants Fizz’s sperm. She “doesn’t want sex with Fizz,” she just wants a vial because she’s ready for baby No. 2 and would rather all her kids come from the same gene pool.


Nikki later confronted Fizz about the situation and she’s pissed. She thinks Fizz should be able to live elsewhere since he’s supposed to be a boss. Fizz gave her the side eye because she doesn’t even seem to want to be serious with him anyway. He’s right though because didn’t we see Nikki getting it poppin’ with Safaree and Rosa Acosta in the trailer? Oh.

But, at the same time, Nikki is probably right for not trusting Fizz while he’s still living with Moniece.

Shanda and Willie are back on the show. Part of their story arc is that Shanda is now working on having her own music career, but no one cares. The real drama enters when some chick named Kyesha walked into her studio session claiming she had been cheating with Willie. She actually had receipts too — in the form of text messages and d*ck pics. Shanda promptly confronted her hubby since they happened to be in the same studio (different sessions), and we’ll get to watch him tap dance around the truth next week.



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