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The 2016 Democratic National Convention is officially underway and kicked off Monday night with a bang, courtesy of the FLOTUS Michelle Obama. Going into day two, some well-known names in Hollywood decided to band together to take down Republican nominee Donald Trump once and for all.

Many may not want to admit it, but star power does make a difference when it comes to elections, and the DNC has some of Hollywood’s most progressive and outspoken celebrities on its side this election.

Kerry Washington, Shonda Rhimes, Eva Longoria, and other A-listers came together to stand against the hate Trump regularly promotes, and signed an initiative to stop it in its tracks.

The Huffington Post has the full details of this development:

Lena Dunham, Shonda Rhimes, Mark Ruffalo, Kerry Washington and over 100 other celebrities released a signed initiative Tuesday pledging to unite against the hate that Trump promotes. The letter reflects the many groups that the GOP candidate has attacked over the years ― including people of color, those with disabilities, refugees, women, the working class and Muslims.

“Donald Trump wants to take our country back to a time when fear excused violence, when greed fueled discrimination, and when the state wrote prejudice against marginalized communities into law,” the pledge reads. “His rhetoric and policy proposals exclude, degrade, and harm. Some of us come from the groups Trump has attacked. Some of us don’t. But as history has shown, it’s often only a matter of time before the ‘other’ becomes me,” the letter reads.

This signed initiative against Trump’s hateful, discriminatory, and derogatory statements comes on the heels of Eva’d powerful speech at the DNC Monday night, where she blasted the GOP candidate’s racist views toward Mexican immigrants.

If you would like to sign the #UniteAgainstHate pledge, you can do so here.

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