This year has been quite a busy one for diva extraordinaire Mariah Carey, and the songbird is gearing up for the premiere of her E! docuseries, which is scheduled to debut this fall.

The newly engaged singer is on Complex magazine’s new cover, and in her interview she dishes on her new love and much more.

When it comes to living a truly fabulous life there are few who can match the “One Sweet Day” singer and she gives fans a peak into her world via a photo spread and intimate interview with Complex magazine.

Looking better than ever, the 46-year-old not only talks about her fiancé, billionaire businessman James Packer, but she also offers insight on the legendary Prince and her ex-husband Nick Cannon.

Love B. Scott has the details from the exclusive, in-depth interview.

A few highlights from the interview are:

[On her fiancée James Packer]: “I don’t expect him to be at every little thing that I do, and vice versa,” she says. “He’s got a lot of stuff on his plate and so do I.” She says the fact that he was a fan didn’t scare her off. “Actually, I think if he didn’t like my music then how would I be able to handle him being around when all I’m doing is creating new stuff, doing whatever?” she muses. “It’s cool.”

[On ex-husband Nick Cannon]: “I never thought I would have babies with someone and then get divorced. Like, ‘Oh, great job. Repeat your past.’ But life happens. And it was supposed to happen. It’s fine. For them, I wish it hadn’t happened that way. For me, it was … [singing Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams’ “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late”] Guess it’s over. Call it a day.”

[On Prince]: “Aside from his genius, his artistry, he actually helped me through a lot of [business] situations with his knowledge. He always had a plan. He was ahead of everybody on the whole Internet thing. Ahead of everybody with putting his music on the Internet. He didn’t care about the big system and I was always like, in the back of my mind, at any time Prince could write a No. 1 song because he’s that talented but he chooses to do what he wants. I respect that.”

It’s nice to see her in such a great place these days, as she has a lot to be happy and thankful for. You can check out the full Complex interview with Mariah Carey here.

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