H.E.R.'s custom hooded Dundas ensemble was inspired by the purple outfit Prince wore the night he won an Oscar at the 1985 Academy Awards.

It's been four years since the iconic singer's death, and his face is still as timeless as his tunes.


Long live Prince and while we may never get new music from the Purple One, we will get an opportunity to feel closer to him via a limited edition clothing collection. This isn’t just any clothing collection. From 2011-2016, Prince had personal designers that worked with him from 2011 until 2016. Call and Response, the […]

CR Fashion Book releases a photo shot by famous fashion photographer Steven Klein from 1989.


The legendary artist is getting Love Symbol #2 in his honor.

Prince‘s style is unlike any other. He challenged the norms of masculinity and inspired others to tap into their style regardless of gender. See the Purple Rain singers’ most stylish moments.

The family may want to debut Deliverance on their potential reality show.

Prince fans received disappointing news as a federal judge blocked the release of his upcoming EP, Deliverance. It was just a year ago that we suddenly lost Prince. The world lost one of its most brilliant musical minds, devastating millions of people. As the anniversary of Prince‘s passing approached, Prince’s former engineer, George Ian Boxill, […]