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The beautiful buzz cut you see above wasn’t always Kikanwa Morgan‘s look.

Last week she permed her hair and a women’s worst nightmare happened: It. Fell. Out.



Rather than panicking, Kika maintained a positive outlook, stating, “Here’s to something new. Here’s to making the best out of every situation. Here’s to discovering a new aspect of my style.”

How did Kika arrive to this cool, calm, collective conclusion? Avoiding tears, frustration, and even shame? She hesitantly admitted, due to the sensitivity of the subject, “Though I am not extremely particular about my hair, I know what it represents and can mean for many. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the response to my new cut. It’s like a whole new world has been opened up to me that I never would’ve discovered had this incident not happened.”

For Kika, people have been embracing her new look, with some stating it’s as if they are seeing her face for the first time!

“That’s a powerful thought to me. That somehow, even unintentionally as women, we can hide behind our hair, even when it’s short.”

As women, how many of us can challenge ourselves to see ourselves without our hair? Often hair and femininity, through societal norms and pressures, have “looked” a certain way. Would the prince have struggled and fought to get to Rapunzel if she didn’t have all that hair?

Rather than viewing her short do as a tragedy, Kika found it empowering and eye-opening: “I’ve never really viewed myself as feminine, graceful, or any other soft words used to describe a woman, but this new haircut has allowed that side to be exposed. I was always afraid that if I cut my hair shorter I would look more masculine, but here I am with the least amount of hair I’ve ever had in my life and I am more gentle in appearance than I’ve ever been.”

I love the fortitude of her attitude.

Kika empathizes with those that may have lost hair and are not taking it as nonchalantly as her. “Don’t be discouraged. Make the best of it. The virtue you possess as a woman is inside of you. THAT is your best feature. Your hair is simply a reflection of said beauty,” she said.

Stay strong and be open to new possibilities in your hair journey, beauties.

You can follow Kika on Instagram, here.

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