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Tonight’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta explored more of the ongoing relationship drama, but also planted seeds for more meltdowns.

Remember when Stevie J dropped the news about not really being married to Joseline Hernandez last week? Well, on tonight’s episode he explained himself.

His side of the story is: Hip-Hop Weekly published the rumor, “he doesn’t know how they got that idea.” When the idea was presented to her, Joseline wanted to be married to him and liked the idea of the rumor, so Stevie J figured they’d just run with it because it sounded cool (also known as a story line).

The 44-year-old has made peace with the fact that he and Joseline are no longer together romantically, but, in terms of business, he plans to keep getting that 30 percent from their “iron clad” contract, despite the fact Joseline has been doing business with former manager Dawn Heflin.

On the flip side, Joseline, 29, has been doing interviews and has a different story. She claims they are legally married — and she has proof. They both play too many games, but it’s actually easier to believe Stevie J in this case just because Joseline has been doing a lot of lying this season, as part of her “puppet master” shtick.

It wasn’t long before Mimi Faust got wind of the rumor. Now, she’s pissed Stevie J lied to her. She confronted him and he claimed he held on to the secret because he didn’t want to hurt Joseline. But can we talk about how obvious the truth was?


Anyway…Amber Priddy and J-Nicks are kinda-sorta a couple, but Amber flirts too much, according to J-Nicks. She just so happens to flirt with Yung Joc — a lot. She even blatantly flirted in front of J-Nicks at a poker game with the boys.

However, J-Nicks has been courting Tiarra, but we’ll get back to this, because it’s about to be yet another messy episode of folks sharing way too many bodies in the same circle. Just know that Amber ended up sleeping with Yung Joc, and now he has to to tell J-Nicks what happened. You know this isn’t going to go over well.

Speaking of messy, you already know by now that Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka have been on the outs. This is the episode where Tammy talks about it. Basically, Bambi stopped by her house to see if what we’ve been reading on the blogs is true — and it is. Tammy said Waka just can’t seem to get their relationship right and that he is constantly cheating on her while on the road. She claims there are some things she won’t stand for as a woman. But the thing is, she knew about his past infidelity so it’s hard not to wonder how many times she has forgiven his indiscretions.

In more potential love triangle news, Tommie stopped by Joseline’s place to tell her about the shady comments she made to Scrapp about planning to sleep with Stevie, because she wanted to “clear the air.”

Joseline was offended, but kept that part to herself. Instead, she says having a threesome would be a great way to “pimp Tommie out.” But first, Tommie has to “put her tongue to action.” I’m guessing that was Joseline’s way of saying she wanted to test it out first. We can’t whther anything has already happened between them, but Tommie seemed with it.

The episode concludes with Stevie meeting up with Jessica Dime. He’s “interested in working with her now,” despite some of their past drama. But really, this is a low-key way for him to get under Joseline’s skin to play tit for tat (remember, Joseline and Dime have beef). This isn’t going to end well, but we already knew that!

See you next week.



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