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The Republican Presidential nominee stays fudging the truth.

This time his tumultuous relationship with the reality played out in a recent retweet of a Black family that Donald Trump claims support him. Too bad, the photo was lifted from an older WCPO story about the The 27th annual Midwest Black Family Reunion” held in Ohio in August 2015, Think Progress pointed out.

Ironically the Tweet has been deleted.

On Saturday, the family depicted made is crystal clear to Buzzfeed that they are NOT Trump supporters.

I’m not saying there aren’t black families who endorse Trump,” Eddie Perry, the father in the image, told the news outlet. “However, this black family didn’t endorse anyone.”

Perry also admitted to being furious that his family was used as political pawns. “When I saw it, I immediately knew it was political propaganda,” he said. “Why use it without asking for someone’s permission? Why use our image without asking?”

That’s a great question: Why would someone use a fake image to make it seem as if Trump has Black backers other than Ben Carson and Omarosa?

Well apparently, this retweet came a day after folks called out Trump for some problematic comments he made at a recent rally in California. During a speech on Friday, Trump thought it would be a good idea to acknowledge the lone Black supporter in a crowd.

“Oh, look at my African-American over here. Look at him. Are you the greatest? You know what I’m talking about,” he said. 

He tried it. Clearly, he didn’t watch the remake Roots--we are free. Even your supporters don’t belong to you.

He also noted how “behaved” the man was, because apparently we don’t know how to act in public. Meanwhile his white supporters beat up Black protestors for fun, behavior that Trump encourages.

Clearly, folks were not here for his shenanigans:

But of course that Black supporter Trump called out told NBC News that he wasn’t offended by the reality star’s comments even if they were “odd.”

“I didn’t take offense at all because of what he said afterward,” Gregory Cheadle later told NBC News. “I liked what he said about his Black supporter fighting off a man dressed as a klansman at his rally.”

“Yes, it was odd, but since he went on to tell the story, it’s OK,” Cheadle added. “I know some are saying it was demeaning, objectifying or possessory. But that’s not the conclusion I came to.”

However, Cheadle said he wasn’t sure who would his cast his vote for this November. “When you come from the inner city, seeing someone like Trump is so far removed from my thinking,” he said. “I wanted to see a presidential candidate. I’m open to attend his rallies, but I’m not necessarily going to vote for him.”

Uh…ok sir.

This is going to be the longest election year, ever. Please, let us know when it’s over.


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