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Despite the fact that Daniel Holtzclaw was found guilty of sexual battery, oral sodomy and rape of 8 women and sentenced to 263 years, ABC’s 20/20 still thought it was a good idea to interview the depraved serial rapist and act as if his guilt was actually in question.

And Holtzclaw ate up every second of it.

Instead of him taking any responsibility or showing any remorse for what was he was convicted of, he spent the entire time during the phone-interview deflecting, calling the victims money-hungry liars and claimed that if he had been found “not guilty” the town would have erupted like Ferguson, Jezebel pointed out.

On why he agreed to do the interview: 

“I want people to hear from me… I want them to hear from my voice… how do I respond to these questions so they could see the truth. I have nothing to hide and what I want the public to see is my personal side to the story. I am not guilty of those crimes. But what I did is I protected and served, and there was a vendetta as far as the detectives, as far as the prosecution…I have never sexually assaulted anyone.”

On why women with criminal pasts can’t be trusted (or raped):

“Let’s get the factual facts out there. She’s [Jannie Ligons] not innocent the way people think she is. She had a bust in the ‘80s … But we couldn’t present that to the jury… This is not a woman that’s, you know, a soccer mom or someone that’s credible in society. If they didn’t convict me, there would be the next Ferguson deal happening in Oklahoma City.”

On how he thought he would be acquitted of all the charges:

“I absolutely 100 percent, all in my heart, within my family, within everyone that was on my side. They all said, ‘There was no way that you should be convicted. I looked at [the jurors.] I looked in every single one of their eyes, and I told ‘em, ‘I did not do this.’ And I looked at the men and I looked at those women, and I saw women crying. I saw the men jeering in their eyes.”

On why these women really accused him:

“The fact is, when you approach these women [and say], ‘We have a tip that you’ve been sexually assaulted by an Oklahoma City police officer,’ based on the area that I worked in and the environment and the atmosphere that I worked at — you should know that these women in these lifestyles — that’s basically giving them a lottery ticket to say, ‘Yes.’ All they had to do was say, ‘Yes,’ and then you’re going to file charges on me….Now they’re going to be billionaires.”

Right because how many women have become billionaires from coming forward about being raped? We’ll wait.

His girlfriend on her boyfriend’s innocence:

“Why these people? He could have found people on the northside (of town).”

Bish whet?

His stepfather on his innocence:

“He’s just like you and me. He’s just a man, and he’s not the villain that they portray him as.”

But he is a villain, Sir. A jury of 12 white people said so.

Meanwhile, folks were not here for any of ABC’s shoddy journalism and were disgusted with the entire segment:

We all know that Holtzclaw is a monster, so nothing he said was all that surprising. But let’s be clear: It’s disgusting and disappointing that ABC gave this man, his family and his friends such a highly visible platform to say such vile and dangerous things about sexual assault, especially around who can be a victim and who cannot. Holtzclaw stalked, raped and profiled Black women, most with criminal pasts, because he knew that no one would believe them. And yet, the network had the audacity to humanize him and pretend as if he is spending 263 years in prison for a slight misunderstanding.

Where was the same empathetic coverage for the Black female survivors he referred to as liars and criminals? Where were the experts talking about the difficulties that women of color face when coming forward with being assaulted, especially when their attackers are the police? Clearly, no where to be found.

In the end, all this interview did was revictimize the women he assaulted and further perpetuate myths and stereotypes about sexual assault–the exact opposite of what journalism is supposed to do.

Shame on you ABC. Shame on you.


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