Need a reason to watch NBC’s new show “Game Of Silence?” Here’s two: Larenz Tate.

The seasoned actor is back in a sultry new role (we’re not sure if it’s supposed to be sultry or we just can’t keep our eyes off him) in the latest NBC series, which follows five friends as they uncover a 25-year-old mystery that leads them on a journey that tests their loyalty and sends them seeking revenge.

Tate plays the role of Shawn Polk, a devoted friend out for justice. “I play a guy who pretty much is like the gel amongst the friends. He keeps that loyalty theme going,” he told EURweb.

Tate stars alongside Jackson Brooks (David Lyons, “Revolution”), Gil Harris (Michael Raymond-James, “True Blood”), Shawn Polk (Larenz Tate, “Rush”) and Boots (Derek Phillips, “Friday Night Lights”).

Check him out in this EXCLUSIVE clip above and catch “Game Of Silence” Thursday at 10 on NBC.


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