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The recent fad of posting epic “snapback” photos after 9 months of carrying 10lbs of human is really starting to get on my damn nerves.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

It’s a complicated opinion to have, because of course I want women to be proud of their bodies, and of course I want every bad ass mama to feel like the bad ass mama she is. (I mean, you did just push a new life out of your vagina, that’s like, the definition of bad ass).

But the obsession over the ever so evasive “snapback” is starting to cross over into the body-shaming category for women who don’t go back to a size 6 after birthing a human.

Draya Michele has heavily documented her beautiful pregnancy. She showcased all of the no stretch mark, no nose spreading moments:

What should’ve been a special time to relish in the work of her body and the connection with her child, somehow turned into an ego-centric tirade as she challenged other women to “step their pregnancy game up.” Seriously:

Why she felt the need to challenge other moms who probably can’t afford to take maternity leave so they work all the way up until their water breaks within the confines of office buildings–evades me.

She even attempted to step down from her holy just pregnant high tower and tell us all her body was due to “hard work” and she won this body “fair and square.”

Draya, we are sure you worked hard for your body, but one of your primary jobs in and of itself is to look good (since you are a model, among other things). While she meant for the message to be empowering for other new moms, her statement is inherently problematic because simply, your reality TV isn’t our reality. Draya, we just don’t live your life.

We can’t all walk 5 miles a day while pregnant while working a 9-5, and stretch marks are pretty much genetic. While some mamas out here are able to pull it off, it’s not all of our story.

It’s possible to feel proud of your body, without making other women feel like sh*t for not looking like you.


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