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Chicago wasn’t here for Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump; neither was St. Louis and numerous cities in Ohio. Now Phoenix, Arizona and its surrounding towns can add themselves to that same illustrious list. Today, the Grand Canyon State boasted some the gutsiest and fiercest protesters to emerge this election cycle.

According to BBC News, roughly “50 protesters caused traffic jams” on the expressway as a means to block supporters from attending a Trump Rally in nearby suburb Forest Hills. They even went as far as to chain themselves to cars. 

Police made a few arrests before the crowd left, but unlike Chicago, Trump attended his scheduled rally where he blasted the Arizona protesters calling them “disgraceful” and accusing them of “representing Hillary Clinton,” the BBC noted. Just a reminder, he also blamed Chicago on Bernie Sanders, never acknowledging that perhaps his racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic stances may have played a role in his event being cancelled. Now it’s Clinton’s fault.

Trump was in Arizona to stump before Tuesday’s primary, where polls show him leading Texas Senator Ted Cruz  and Ohio Governor John Kasich.

The type of mobilizing in Arizona isn’t all that surprising given the state’s high Latino population and proximity to the Mexican border, the same border that Trump has repeatedly said if elected he will build a wall around to block undocumented individuals from coming into the U.S.

Notably, Arizona wasn’t the only stepping and out on Saturday. According to Newsweek, anti-Trump protests broke out in New York City with thousands marched to denounce the candidate. The protest route made sure to pass “three of the Republican’s signature Manhattan skyscrapers,” Raw Story wrote.

When this many people are not having it, perhaps that’s a sign that the nation wants to move forward, not back.


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