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Olivia still can’t accept the fact that Jake is engaged, but she tries to pretend that she’s cool while faking it at dinner with Rowan, Jake and his alleged ladylove. Liv is jealous, but her radar is also up for a good reason, and it starts to make sense after Jake’s fiancée starts telling the story of how they met. Jake coincidentally bumped into her at a café, she dropped her phone as a result, Jake bugged it gave it back, and then they coincidentally ran into each other again at the same cafe. Sounds familiar, right? Meanwhile, the gladiators got all the right spyware in place so that they can get all the juice on Jake and his new boo.

Hollis Doyle made his comeback to DC. He first tries to get in Mellie’s pants, then, he offers her half a billion toward her campaign if she shuts down a certain bill for him. Mellie reluctantly turns it down only to find out later that Hollis made the same offer to Susan, but that doesn’t go well either. Hold that thought though, because Hollis is just getting started.


Jake confronts Olivia about spying on him and she asks him why he chose her. He said that Fitz turned her into a fool and that he’s actually in love with a woman who is capable of loving him back. Olivia, still not buying it, tells him that his girlfriends are just marks. Jake responds by saying that normalcy is what he really wants (as if that’s actually possible). But we know they’re both playing childish games with each other. Olivia’s suspicions are valid, but they’re both acting like children. Jake is just happy that he finally has the upper hand so he’s dangling the fiancée and the fact that Liv could have had him, in her face. Remember the whole standing in the sun bit from when they were happily living it up on a tropical island somewhere?

Abby confronts Cyrus about courting Frankie Vargas, and he tries to spin the story in a way that makes him seem innocent. However, Abby wants to be chief of staff, so she decides to tell Fitz, who then tells her that it’s her job to fire Cyrus and she bosses up and does it gladly. She has definitely been seduced by the gravitational pull of power emanating from the White House, which means that Abby may get really scary and even more scandalous (no pun intended)


Cyrus looked like a sad puppy after getting fired, but he always finds a way to come back. You know he’s going to court Vargas for president even harder now.

And now we get back to Hollis. After getting shut down by #TeamSusan, he goes running back to Mellie, who is second guessing turning down his donation offer. He gets in good with her by getting her nice and tipsy, makes conversation as if they’re old friends, and she opens up, to her detriment. What ended up happening was that Hollis announces that he will be running for president, and he stole Mellie’s education platform all the way down to the slogan, word for word. The other thing is, Hollis also reminds us eerily of Donald Trump (Mellie has to stop being so trusting, geez).

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>I'm mad that Hollis is playing the role of Trump on <a href=””>#Scandal</a&gt;!</p>&mdash; RJ the Great (@RollercoasterRJ) <a href=”″>March 18, 2016</a></blockquote>


The episode concludes with Olivia and Jake at what looks like a restaurant bar, presumably awaiting seating for dinner. Olivia finally tells Jake what we’ve known all along — she misses him, and that’s mainly why she was stalking him.


She also admits how selfish she was by going back and forth between Fitz and Jake, but their moment was interrupted when Jake’s fiancée showed up to the party. However, when Jake‘s fiancée drops her phone, Olivia has a flashback to a conversation she had with Jake where he said that if a man bumps into you twice it isn’t a coincidence. Liv met Jake in a similar fashion, of course, and we know how that went, so, yeah Olivia, despite her soft and pink feelings, realizes that Jake still up to something tells Quinn to step up the surveillance.

But what do you think he wants? Is this another Rowan Pope production?


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