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In tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder, once again there are a lot of moving parts that don’t seem to fit in anywhere, yet fit in somewhere all at once. We get a lot of flashbacks of pregnant Annalise. This was back with Frank was just starting to work with her as her secretary and Bonnie was one of her students. During these flashbacks we see and get how Bonnie became her favorite. We also see Annalise and Sam during happier times, going to prenatal visits and getting news about their baby being healthy, but this also leaves us in more suspense about what happened to Annalise’s child.

In the present day, Annalise is courting a new murder case. Meanwhile, Wes is being held in a psych ward for at least three days (he went in for sleeping pills and got way more than he bargained for). The psychiatrist is not trying to let Wes go without a thorough evaluation because despite the fact that he’s trying to appear okay, he’s obviously not. Wes manages to call Laurel for help. She tries to get him out, but the doctor isn’t convinced. Laurel then tries to get Annalise’s help in getting Wes out, but Annalise thinks it could be good for him. Laurel pushes back mainly because she’s afraid that Wes is going to end up snitching, but Annalise then fires her (for now).

Laurel returns later during a meeting about Annalise’s case and informs everyone what happened with Wes. Annalise’s students quit, feeling like she doesn’t care about Wes or any of them. It’s probably not that, though. They should know Annalise better than that by now, and there’s always a method to her madness.

The case in this episode isn’t a major one, but it’s tragic. A young Latino man admitted to murder and the prosecutors wanted to give him the death penalty (which was actually really harsh in this case). This then prompts Annalise to give a speech about how there often seems to be harsher punishment for men of color and how this is part of the destruction of families. Basically, it was definitely a Black History/Prison Industrial Complex Message moment. The prosecution agreed to drop the death penalty only if the client agreed to life (still harsh). Annalise was fighting for 50 years instead, but the client took life, in repentance, in what was still a sad moment.

We get back to Wes’ situation, and finally see him opening up to the therapist. Thankfully, he doesn’t snitch. He reveals some details of his mother’s death, and the therapist says that Annalise getting shot triggered him, and it’s making him remember his own past trauma.

The episode winds down with Annalise’s gang, sans Laurel, having retrieved Wes from the psych ward after his 120-hour hold, and they really seem to think they’re done with their old boss, for real, for real, this time. Smh.

Meanwhile, Laurel and Frank are mid-almost booty call before getting extra emotional about the lies piling up between them. This is more so Laurel accusing Frank of lying to her about all that he has done for Annalise. Laurel uses this as a reason to break up with Frank. They both get emotional and teary-eyed, but then Frank, in a bid to be more honest, reveals that he killed Lila. WTF! Not you, Frank. Of all people…not you. Now we know that if Frank can crumble like this, someone else is definitely liable to crack.

We then cut to Annalise getting a phone call from a panicked Connor. Phillip sent him a videotape from the night that Annalise got shot. He obviously wants to take them down, but that’s if they don’t get to him first. Knowing how Miss Keating and crew get down, this could lead to another murder.

Next week Phillip makes it clear that he wants $1 millie in the bank, or else.


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