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Obama Laughs At Trump’s Presidential Campaign: “This Isn’t A Reality Show’

It seems as if Barack Obama gets more nonchalant by the day. In the midst of a press Q&A session during the U.S.-ASEAN leaders summit in California, Obama was asked his thoughts on the likelihood of Donald Trump becoming the next President of the United States. While Trump may have won New Hampshire in the primaries, Obama reiterated that being the Leader of the Free World is no easy feat. “I continue to believe Mr. Trump will not be President.” In taking a subtle jab at Trump’s popular NBC series, “The Apprentice” Obama added, “It’s not hosting a talk show or a reality show. It’s not promotion, not marketing. It’s hard. It requires you to make hard decisions…doing things that are unpopular and standing up for people who are vulnerable.” While The White House has previously said that Trump’s plan to ban Muslim immigration makes him unqualified to be President, Obama addressed Trump’s infamous statements while showing his disapproval for the other Republican presidential hopefuls. “(Trump) says, in more interesting ways, what the other candidates are saying. He may up the ante in anti-Muslim sentiment, but if you look at what the other Republican candidates have said, that’s pretty troubling, too.” NY Daily News

Like Father Like Son: Stefan Holt Is The Newest WNBC Anchor

Beginning in April, they’ll be no need to adjust your TV screens, you won’t be seeing double; Lester Holt and his son Stefan Holt will be anchoring on the same network. Stefan, 29, was recently hired by NBC’s New York station, WNBC, to anchor its new 4 p.m. newscast. The show will fill the time slot previously held by Meredith Vieira’s canceled daytime talk show. The younger Holt seems to be following in the same footsteps as his father. Lester began his career in Chicago where he spent 15-years at the local WBBM station. Similarly, Stefan has spent the last five years at NBC’s affiliate WMAQ where he anchored the morning telecasts. “Congrats to @stefholtNBC So proud of you kid. First lunch in 30 Rock commissary is on me” tweeted Lester. LA Times

Teen Arrested For Opening A Medical Office And Posing As A Doctor

Most 18-year-olds that were interested in becoming a doctor would major in pre-med and get an internship at a clinic or a hospital. Malachi Love-Robinson, however, decided to bypass the formalities and cut straight to the chase. Without any schooling, the South Florida teen opened a medical office in West Palm Beach. According to his company website Robinson claimed to have his PhD and be the CEO of New Birth New Life Medical Center & Urgent Care. Robinson promoted his services as a general practitioner on a Facebook page as well as on a women’s health website. The Florida Health Department sent a cease-and-desist letter to his office warning Robinson about misrepresenting himself as a medical professional. A Palm Beach Narcotics Task Force agent made an appointment with Robinson who was subsequently arrested while attempting to give the undercover officer a physical. He faces a third-degree felony charge of fraudulently practicing medicine. NY Daily News

Former NFL Player Pleads Guilty To Stealing From Charity

Reggie Rucker, a 12-year NFL veteran who played seven seasons with the Cleveland Browns from 1970 to 1981 used his celebrity to garner donations for his non-profit which he used to pay off various debts. Rucker was the executive director of the non-profit Amer-I-Can Cleveland and founder of Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance which employs outreach workers to mitigate gang violence in Cleveland. Between 2011-2015, Rucker withdrew between $500,000 from the Amer-I-Can bank account which went towards his mortgage and other personal expenses. This amount also includes $38,000 in ATM withdrawals while gambling across the country. The former athlete eventually ran up a $20,000 tab at a Vegas casino. He subsequently applied for funding and used forged paperwork to maintain the casino’s trust that the funds were coming. In the interim, there were several instances in which he failed to make payroll leaving his staff without paychecks for months at a time. The 68-year-old has been charged with wire fraud and false statements to law enforcement. He’s scheduled to be arraigned February 24th. 


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