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It’s no secret that rapper Lil’ Kim has made some drastic nips and tucks to her appearance over the years. As she struggles to maintain relevancy in a Nicki Minaj world, the original Queen Bee recently made headlines.

While in attendance at Kanye Wests “Yeezy” fashion show, she took a photo with the queen of nips, tucks and plumps, Kim Kardashian. Mrs. West posted the picture on her Instagram page and many people commented that Lil Kim’s makeup was flawless; some said it’s the best they’ve seen her look in years.

Queen Bee also posted the photo except she drastically altered it. Lil’ Kim’s remix of the picture had been so unnaturally lighten, the filters had filters. It didn’t take long for fans to take some ‘hard core’ punches at Kim.

“Why you try to be something that you are not ???? You want to have a white complexion you looked better before you should be ashamed” commented prettybrownone1.

“I use to love Kim…Girl got so much self hate i had to stop rockin with her…This sh*t looks ridiculous” said tinasade89

“CHRIST I met u back in 93 in Brooklyn before u did all this shit to urself u was hot back then! So much self hatred of ur own race it’s sad but hey it’s your face have fun” added michelle.starkey.

With over one thousand comments on the photo, many of which accused Lil’ Kim of trying to be white and having low self-esteem, she finally responded.

In a caption for a video of she and rapper Maino, Queen Bee said, “The Lil Kim hate is a different type of hate. This video is from the exact same day of the Yeezy fashion show. I’d like to see y’all try to filter this. Videos don’t lie idiots! Some of you are just so miserable and unhappy with yourself that you have nothing else to do than to come on my page and just hate and talk about me on the blogs.”

She also added, “It’s clear that I’m lighter in this video than the picture that Kim posted. Which is still a very gorgeous photo. I lightened up the picture because I like when the makeup pops a little more and you can see the beauty of the makeup that@tasha_mack_mua did.”

“Kim [Kardashian] wanted the picture to look a little darker, because that’s the way she liked it. Kim is my boo and I wanted to repost it but I saw it in a different way. Either way both pictures are completely gorgeous and are a matter of expression of preference of photography.”

Well um, at least their new song sounds dope…Over the years Kim has made a habit out of dodging questions about her plastic surgery as if not talking about it means the world doesn’t see it. Her response to this current controversy is so defensive and unfortunate.

Most of Lil’ Kim’s recent media attention has been in regards to disputes over her looks. Last month she attacked bloggers for running a photoshopped image that exaggerated her weight gain.

Now that Kim has made it clear that she’s going to continue to deny the elephant in the room, we hope that she can get back on her throne and make some epic new music! We’re rooting for you Kim!


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