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Annalise is recovering from her gunshot wound like we knew she would, and Bonnie is by her side to make sure she takes the painkillers and antibiotics she needs.

Yet despite being near dead, Annalise is still trying to go to court to testify against Catherine. Remember how they were trying to set Catherine up for not only killing her parents, but also attempting to kill Annalise? So, yeah, Annalise wants to put this away, but she can’t because she isn’t well. This becomes clear after she starts hallucinating about a woman dropping off a baby at her house.

Bonnie refuses to let Annalise testify, but you know she’s stubborn, so by the end of the episode, Annalise stumbles into the courtroom anyway, right when her team is starting to sink, claiming to be well enough, and no longer on her meds, to get the job done. She flops in court again and breaks privilege while being interrogated mid-hallucination. Breaking privilege means that she revealed to the public that Catherine told her she didn’t kill her parents, which is a breach of the confidentiality contract lawyers automatically have with their clients, so Catherine’s lawyer asks for all charges to be stricken from her record.

Annalise later reveals to Caleb that according to her plan (she actually wasn’t as out of it as people thought), everything she said is gonna make Catherine appear to be the victim who is being abused and manipulated by her boyfriend (Phillip), and urges Caleb to urge Catherine to go along with the new plan.

Back in court, Catherine confesses to shooting by Annalise, but claims Phillip drugged her beforehand. Remember when Frank had drugged her and tossed her in the woods? Yup! She doesn’t get off, but she does get a deal that includes five years in minimum security if she testifies against Phillip, the intended target all along.

At the end of the episode, we find out a smidge more about Annalise’s connection to Wes’ deceased mother.

Here’s the flashback:

The woman who dropped the baby off in Annalise’s hallucination was Wes’s mom. We now see her on a bench chatting with a pregnant Annalise, but we don’t get the full story just yet..

We cut away from the flashback and back to Wes demanding what she knows about his mother’s death (probably by suicide) and whether he got into her program (he was wait listed) because of that connection. He gets angry and she cowers in the corner and picks up a statue just in case she might have to hit him with it. He says, “You think I want to hurt you?” to which she replies, “I think you ruined me, get out!” He leaves, but then Annalise starts hallucinating about the baby (presumably baby Wes, or the baby she probably lost) again. We end with her cuddling the imaginary child, and we’re all lost.

TGIT is back, for real, for real! None of this will make sense until the end of the season. You know how HTGAWM does!


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