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This episode opens with Rah Ali picking out tacky fabrics for her maxi dress line. Remy Ma stops by and of course, Rah mentions that she wants her help with her impending launch event. Remy, however, isn’t with it because she doesn’t trust Rah. Basically, Remy said she has helped Rah with events in the past only to be stuck holding the bag. Hold on to this thought, though, because we’re coming back to this later.

In another dramatic series of vignettes related to the Peter, Amina and Tara saga, we see Peter with Amina. He decided to “come home” to her after discovering she had an abortion. He comforted her in slow motion and they both seemed devastated, but we’re all like:


Meanwhile, Tara paid Dr. Jeff a visit because she “finally wanted to take steps to get over Peter.” Her story was that Peter has been lying to her since she met him (duh). The story goes she was in grad school (yes, graduate school) when they met. He lied about his age, then he lied about how many children he had, and he just kept on lying…and them degrees on her part went to waste.


Case and point (re: tweet above):



Tara then dropped the bomb that we were all waiting for. She’s pregnant by Peter again. She was at 18 weeks at that point, but hadn’t told Peter yet. Dr. Jeff informed her that it’s the responsible thing to do to tell him.

Side note: Let’s give Dr. Jeff an award for pimping out reality TV. That man knows how to get a TV check.


Remy Ma decided to help Rah set up the launch for her fashion line after all. She got there early with her DJ (whom she felt was a better choice than Rah’s DJ), and Rah had the nerve to come late after everything was set up, which already spoke to Remy’s initial hesitation about doing the event. Not only that, but Rah didn’t even acknowledge being late. A little apology would have been nice. Things went all the way left when Rah’s designer arrived and started complaining about the set up. Remy was not here for it and informed her to STFU before she got stomped out. The designer thought she was cute and got buck right back with Remy, and for a hot second, we were scared that Remy would catch another case. They went back and forth until the designer finally stormed away, but it was too late for Remy, who was pissed. She told her DJ to pack up his ish so that they could leave and basically went from 0-60 on the anger meter quickly. She started going off on Rah for “letting people talk crazy to her,” and Rah was basically telling her to stop being ridiculous. Eventually, Remy got over it and decided to stay, but the drama wasn’t over.

Lexxy felt some type of way with Rah because she had MariahLynn performing at the event while Lexxy was instead one of the models. Uh…but this is what Mo had been saying. As much as Mo popped off, she did have a point about Rah’s lack of managerial skills. But like, what does that say about you if you’re cool with hiring a “stiletto expert,” whatever that is, to manage you as an artist? Anyway, Lexxy confronted Rah about this at the end of the show, and of course, MariahLynn walked in on this conversation. MariahLynn and Lexxy started going back and forth while all the press in the building watched and took notes. Rah Ali looks messy once again, because those dresses weren’t even all that either.


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