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We hear it time and time again: what we eat reflects on the outside.  However, have we thought about what we put on our face and how it can effect (and improve) our skin. Below is a breakfast diet for your face! As someone who “breaks out” (and by that I mean one pimple) maybe three times a year, I swear by these ingredients below.

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Avocados: it’s for more than just guacamole.

The natural oils in avocado help fight wrinkles and provide moisture for your face. An avocado mask at night is a great way to lock in moisture in your face and extra protection during the winter months. It’s also great for the summer! If you spend a little too much time in the sun and get a sunburn, you can apply avocado directly to your sunburn as a natural soother. Avocado rehydrates your skin, giving a little TLC to dry and aging skin.

Check out this avocado mask we posted to Instagram!

Honey, when was the last time you exfoliated?

Exfoliating is great for the skin. It sloughs off the dead skin and gives your skin a brighter, smoother appearance. You want the new skin cells to be at the surface! Exfoliation is extremely helpful to oily skin as it helps rid the skin of dead and dull skin cells, allowing for clearer skin. Exfoliation can be hard on the skin and the goal is not to irritate it. If you have sensitive skin, honey and baking soda is a great, gentle exfoliant that you can use twice a week. Mix two tablespoons of honey with one tablespoon of baking soda and apply to your face (or body) in a circular, upward motion. Rinse well!

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Oatmeal: the breakfast champ.

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Oatmeal is often used for individuals looking to lose weight because it is so filling and is an appetite surppressant.  However, oatmeal, when applied to the face, also draws impurities out of the pores! You can make a daily facial cleanser out of oatmeal, milk, and honey to help keep your skin clean and clear! They key to making this facial cleanser is to grind up the oatmeal really well (I use a Vitamix, but any food processor will do). You want it in almost a powder form. Do this and then you get colloidal oatmeal (one of the main ingredients in Aveeno products). You can store this powder in a mason jar. I put one tablespoon of the powder in my hand, add 1 teaspoon of powder milk (powder milk has Vitamin A, D, probiotics, and more…which absorbs into the skin when applied directly!) and water. The mixture should have a milky consistency. Wash your face like you would with any other cleanser. This cleanser is great for sensitive skin and people who enjoy natural products. It’s safe to do this everyday and even twice a day.

Next time you go to the grocery store, add avocado, oatmeal, and honey to your cart. Topical application as well as ingesting these ingredients are sure to keep your skin healthy, clean, and moisturized year round!


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