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Hmmmm…presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders definitely isn’t going to live this one down.

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) is accusing Sanders’s and his staffers of wrongfully accessing private voter information that was compiled by the Hillary Clinton campaign—Clinton being his lead Democratic rival in the 2016 presidential election.

Sander’s party is using a software vendor the campaign had hired as the scapegoat on this one, and one of the staffers in his campaign has been fired over the news.

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The issue has prompted the DNC to cut off the Sanders campaign from the DNC’s master list of Democratic voters that it rents to national and state campaigns. Generally, field workers and volunteers supplement the list with their own findings while firewalls are put in place to block them from seeing information put together by competitors.

The company that manages the master file says the breach happened on Wednesday; Sanders and his workers won’t be able to see the master list until it can prove that Clinton’s campaign info wasn’t ruined and explain to DNC officials why the breach happened. This news comes just a day before the third presidential debate for the Democratic Party.

The Washington Post reports:

Having his campaign cut off from the national party’s voter data is a strategic setback for Sanders — and could be a devastating blow if it lasts. The episode also raises questions about the DNC’s ability to provide strategic resources to campaigns and state parties.

Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs said four Sanders campaign staffers accessed Clinton data, and that three of them did so at the direction of their boss, Josh Uretsky, who was the operative fired.

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Uretsky told CNN Friday morning that he and others on the campaign discovered the software glitch Wednesday morning and probed the system to discover the extent of their own data’s exposure. He said there was no attempt to take Clinton information but said he took responsibility for the situation.

Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, says none of the breached information was downloaded or printed, so his staff no longer has the data in question. Weaver also points out the campaign has notified the DNC of software issues in the past to no avail, seemingly to remove the campaign from blame.

[SOURCE: Washington Post]


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