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It’s not often that Black women get justice in a court of law, but on Thursday many of us collectively breathed a sigh of relief as an Oklahoma jury, which ironically consisted of no African-Americans, handed down a guilty verdict to Daniel Holtzclaw.

The former Oklahoma City police officer faced 38 counts and was found guilty on 18, which included sexual battery, oral sodomy and rape. The half-white, half-Japanese Holtzclaw used his badge to prey on 13 vulnerable African-American women, assaulting them while on duty. The jury recommended Hotzclaw receive 263 years in prison, yet sentencing will not be handed down until January 21, 2016.

Clearly, this emotion trial underscores again how common and dangerous police corruption and overpolicing are to African-Americans, but it also illuminates how susceptible Black women are to sexual assault and violence. And in the wake of this triggering verdict, folks took to Twitter to celebrate and ask the sobering question, “Who really cares about Black women?

People were also extremely critical of the lack of media coverage:

There also questions about the lack of support from the community and other organizations:

In the end, this tweet sums it up perfectly:

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