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Here’s the thing, women have lots of things to balance: life, career, relationships…tasks like cooking sometimes take a back seat to our priorities. And then there are the women who just haven’t figured out how to cook at all.

Between Gina Waters’ cajun burnt dishes and Peggy Bungy’s rudimentary knowledge around the kitchen, we put together a list of our favorite leading ladies who should stick to boxed macaroni.

Gina Waters- “Martin”

Poor Gina, all she did was “snap them raggedy a** peas.” In one of the funniest “Martin” episodes to grace the television circuit, Gina and her best friend Pam competed against Martin and his boys in a Thanksgiving throw-down for the ages!

Rachel- “Friends”

Rachel tried her best to make a traditional “trifle” pie for Thanksgiving but even Ross, the man who was hopelessly in love with her, said it tasted like “feet.”

Peggy Bundy- “Married With Children”

With cigarette in hand and a belt cinching in her waist, Peggy Bundy tossed her garden salad with vigor. Unfortunately, that’s all she could make and even that dish came served with a cigarette butt or two!

Aunt Viv & Hillary- “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air”

I have come to realize that even though Aunt Viv (the dark skin version) can dance her tight buns off, we’ve never seen her actually throw on an apron… Their butler Jefferey did all of the kitchen work. I guess those are the perks of being wealthy and having a live-in maid. Lord knows, we’ve seen Hillary try and fail miserably!

A few years later, light-skinned Aunt Viv also proved that she too couldn’t cook, as we saw in this hysterical episode of her trying to make the family go healthy. She may have been ahead of her time, but that didn’t mean it tasted good.

Lucy- “I Love Lucy”

Lucy may be good at squashing grapes with her feet and turning them into wine (one of the other essential parts of cooking) but cooking was definitely not one of her strong suits.


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