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After weeks of flashbacks and speculation, we finally see why Wes shot Annalise, but let’s back up.

Catherine skips town because she knows they found the gun. Annalise’s plan is to drop Catherine as a client, keep Caleb on board, and pin the murder on Catherine, which means they need to “tell Sinclair everything” aka, get their lie straight.

Speaking of Sinclair…

Asher’s dad killed himself because the scandal about how he covered up the gang rape situation that Asher was involved in came out. Asher’s mom blamed him for his father’s suicide. As if he made that man hang himself, smh! Ain’t that some ish?

So how is Sinclair involved in all of the above? Here comes the doozy…

Bonnie brings Sinclair’s dead body by the Hapstall’s house where Annalise and crew are holed up trying to figure ish out. And then we back up again (because watching this show and actually keeping up can be a bit like calculus at times). Sinclair tried to get Nate fired. She accused him of tampering with Phillip’s record (which he did, but they don’t have to know that). He blew up at her for continuously trying to come for him so Sinclair filed a harassment suit, which got him fired. However, Nate fired back by filing a racial discrimination suit. Sinclair is smart, so she asks Nate to chat with her in her car for a hot second, and tells him she’s willing to bury the hatchet by dropping the suit if he drops his suit. She really wants Annalise to go down, and wants him to help her do it. Nate isn’t going to sell Annalise out, but we don’t know this just yet. We see nate walking away away from the car.

Fast forward to a few hours later, we see Sinclair coming from work. Asher rolls up on her and starts calling her out about leaking the scandal out of spite. She’s a heartless bish so she tells Asher that his dad was a bad man who deserved it, then walks away, obviously very pleased with herself. Asher has a tantrum, puts the pedal to the medal and runs over Sinclair (and we’re all happy that finally, the witch is dead). He then calls Bonnie to come pick up the pieces, no pun intended. Bonnie knows from jump that she can’t let him go to the police, otherwise he’ll tell everything. You already know he’s prone to snitching.

Everyone is in a panic when Sinclair’s corpse comes to the house, so Annalise tells Asher who really killed Sam in an attempt to keep him in pocket. She then says it’s everyone else’s turn to protect him. She also has to protect Nate at this point since his DNA is all up in Sinclair’s car. But like, is she ever going to protect herself? This has long been team doing too much.

Anyway, Annalise concocts this elaborate story about there being a struggle, which somehow culminates in Sinclair falling off the roof in a struggle, and Catherine shooting her. Yes, Annalise wants to win so bad that she will actually allow herself to get shot just to make her story more believable.Again, #TeamTooMuch. Hold that thought, though. Meanwhile, Frank finds Catherine, and makes her go to sleep right quick (with drugs, of course), so that they can place her where they want her when the time is right.

Back to Annalise getting shot. Annalise’s scurred chirren play hot potato with the gun over who is gonna shoot her, and she tries to push their buttons to make them angry enough, but no one wants to play along. However, somebody better act fast because Annalise already called one time and lied about being shot. Wes ends up being the last person with the gun and refuses to shoot Liesy until she reveals that Rebecca is dead. That’s when Wes loses it. Annaliese’s request is to be shot in the leg, but Wes goes more for the heart, and then as Annalise lays near death, she begins chanting “Christophe,” which sends her into a  flashback. It’s a flashback to baby Wes being interrogated by a cop about the fate of his mom. His name then was Christophe. Annalise watches the interrogation from behind one way glass, and you realize she had something to do with whatever happened to “Christophe’s” mother.

How to get away with murder is the understatement of the year. We know she’s going to survive since the show is about her, but the suspense is insane!


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