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We’ve known since discovering that Olivia Pope was getting it in with Fitz, that she can fix everyone else’s life but her own. That point was emphasized, underscored, bolded and italicized even more so in this episode.

As you know, she’s moonlighting as the new First Lady, and she hates it. However, America is starting to fall in love with her and Fitz’s numbers are up. As you watch Liv mix and mingle with White House visitors and at Holliday parties, you almost feel bad for her, but then your realize this is her karma.

Meanwhile, the other senators are trying to bully Mellie into voting in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood, but she’s not with it. She sees the value in Planned Parenthood as a women’s health center and decides to filibuster during the final hearing. Basically, she has to stand her ground for 16 hours straight, no food, no bathroom breaks, as she states her case by going over thousands of other pointless causes that could actually stand to be defunded. Just as she is about to pee on herself, just a few hours short of her victory, the vice president steps in (at Olivia Pope’s request) to take the floor, which then allows Mellie to take a break, and not pee on the floor. In the end, Mellie wins, but it’s still annoying as hell that her nemesis is the reason. However, the bigger picture is that Mellie always wanted to make history, and she did by holding the longest filibuster in senate history. For once she has a major triumph, even if Liv did have a hand in it.

Finally, we get to see what the Huck is going on between Papa Pope and his pet. Come to find out, Huck is actually saving Papa Pope’s life for Olivia’s sake. But you know Rowan doesn’t like to be at anyone’s mercy so he starts antagonizing Huck with mind games. His goal is to get Huck to kill him, but Huck comes with the strong clap back game. In short, Huck tells Rowan that knowing that he wants to die is better than killing him, and then offers one of the greatest quotes in Scandal history, “Which white boy do you prefer being inside of your daughter?”

Shots. Fired. No pun intended.

Cut to Jake’s revenge. Guess what? Franklin is Lazarus 1, and has plans to resurrect B6-13 (and overthrow Rowan), and he also killed Jake’s wife, so you already know what happened to him. Guess we’ll see him at the crossroads.

Back to women’s rights and messiness…

Olivia Pope misses a holiday dinner with Fitz so that she could presumably get an abortion. When she gets back to the White House, she mad dashes for her special moonshine stash, so you know her distress is real. Side Note: She handles scandals for a living yet can’t remember birth control, or at least get some Plan B? Anyway, Fitz is livid and they go back and forth until Fitz tells Liv that she’s worse than Mellie. Liv retorts with the fact that they don’t really have a future together (which they’ve both known all along). Mind you, this is all happening around Christmas time. Womp womp.

In the end, Rowan gets to go home since Lazarus 1 is a wrap, and Liv also gets to go back home, move her furniture back in, and sip wine by her white Christmas tree…alone.

Merry Christmas…I guess.


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