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This episode opens with Annalise having another moment in the mirror. This time around, she’s wearing makeup, but the wig is off, and she flashes back to a moment when Bonnie tells her that she wishes it was her that died in the house instead of Sam (that’s pretty awful considering how awful Sam was). We don’t see Bonnie working with Annalise for the rest of the episode, but the aforementioned moment is definitely going to be crucial to next week’s episode, when we finally see who shot Annalise and why.

Moving along, Connor heads to Annalise’s place in a panic because he thinks Oliver is missing, but just as they prepare to report Oliver missing, he pops in with Phillip, the man they’re trying to paint as the killer in the Hapstall case. Phillip was hip to their hacking into his computer because Oliver got sloppy. He explains that he’s not a killer, he’s just a weirdo, and threatens to sue Annalise. Phillip’s threat is extortion, but he does have solid grounds in this case since, you know, people like to stay out of jail. Annalise asks what he wants and he says he doesn’t know yet. Leaving this situation open just gives him more power, but you know Annalise don’t play that. Her goons are already in high gear trying to figure out how to get Phillip back in pocket.

Annalise informs Caleb and Catherine that she’s going to have to switch up her game plan now that Phillip knows he’s going to be pinned as a suspect, which sends them into a panic. In fact, Caleb and Catherine get so nervous that Caleb actually considers taking a crappy plea deal from Sinclair. The deal is that Caleb gets 15 years instead of life, and Catherine gets to walk. Annalise won’t have it and convinces Caleb to stop being a punk and allow them to go to trial. Annalise is still planning to pin the murder on Phillip as long as Frank can deliver some crucial DNA evidence, so she’s confident she can win. However, this DNA evidence obviously isn’t going to appear legally, so it’s taking a little longer than expected.

Asher pops back up at Annalise’s house and tries to redeem himself by telling them them that Sinclair offered the plea deal because she wire tapped Annalise’s house and was hip to what was going on. They find the bug after tearing up Annalise’s house and set up a plan to trap Sinclair by speaking over the bug. The lie they make up is that Caleb confessed, and they detail the alleged exact location of the murder weapon that presumably doesn’t really exist at the Hapstall’s house. Sinclair happily takes the bait, like the beyotch that she is, and orders authorities to search the house. Police never find the gun and Sinclair looks stupid, but while that fire is put out, there’s another one going. Nate calls annalise and tells her that Phillip is at the police station snitching.


Even more news comes in that Caleb has decided against the deal, but Catherine went behind their backs and took the deal so that Caleb can walk. Annalise tries to get Catherine to change her mind, but she’s not with it. Sinclair thinks she got this in the bag while in court, but just as Catherine is about to officially agree to the deal, Frank comes through at the last minute with the DNA evidence, that he got through bribery, that links Phillip’s DNA to the murders. Sinclair’s stuck on stupid face is classic.

At first we all question whether the DNA was planted because you know how Annalise and Frank get down. However, the twist is that Phillip is the product of incest (from one of the Hapstall parents), and the Hapstall’s hid him away. Basically, he was tight about being disowned and replaced by adopted children, and that was probably why he killed the Hapstalls.

The episode wraps up with a lot of sex, Oliver and Connor get it on in a lecture room, Annalise and Nate get it on after Nate tells her that Sinclair is having Phillip investigated (Caleb and Catherine were acquitted), and Michaela and Caleb finally get it on (because we knew they liked each other but were trying to keep it professional). After Michaela and Caleb’s session, Caleb reveals that Catherine actually might have killed their parents, and shows Michaela where the gun that we didn’t even think existed was actually hidden.

The final scene of the episode shows Catherine in a car with Phillip. For now it looks like they’ve just gotten away with murder, no pun intended.


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