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BREAKING NEWS: An 18-year-old male near Ferguson, MO was shot by police this afternoon. There are several conflicting reports between what eye witnesses are alleging and what police are telling the media.

According to USA Today, family of the unidentified young man contacted police and medical responders for their assistance with a potential suicide situation. Upon arrival, the teen supposedly became hostile, reached for a gun and shot at police.

Cpl. Tameika Sanders, public information officer for the Normandy, Missouri, Police Department said that the officers attempted to taser the teen which “was ineffective.”

He then took off running and the police are said to have lost sight of him until a single gun shot was heard.

In video footage from the scene, the mother of the victim can be heard yelling, “Don’t kill my baby!”

Supposedly, the shot was self-inflicted and not done by the police. The young male is currently in critical condition.

An eye witness filming the incident said that she could hear the young man say, “Please don’t kill me.” The witness is also saying that the police were seen huddling around each other “…trying to get their story together.”

Stay tuned and also follow #ferguson for the latest developments in the case.


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