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Sigh of relieve for the end of Basketball Wives: LA! Now that the dust has settled and all shade has been thrown, can we discuss the outfits from the evening? Was there a mandatory black, white and grey dress code to acknowledge Shaunie O’Neal telling Brandi, “Your services are no longer needed” #RIPToYourChecks

Shaunie O’Neal: Was giving us Janet Jackson realness with her hair pulled back and her gold chocker. She was cute…but something was a little off…We commend the mother of five for going braless but some breast tape would have made a good outfit, great.

Brandi Maxwell: Her jumper was cute, but it could have been just a little less revealing. She was always moments away from a wardrobe malfunction. And her hair was distracting. She had far too much hair gelled down. We understand it’s a ‘style’ to have the sides of your head shaven and long luxurious weave in the center but her beautician could have easily added several more rows of hair to the right side.

Angel Brinks: Was giving us “Porsha Williams RHOA Realness” with her floor length sequined gown. She looked great! Angel is our 1st runner up for best dressed! We love when a woman can show off all of her curves while being fully covered from head to toe.

Jackie Christie: Designed her own dress. It was a mess and far too short when sitting. The ladies repeatedly had to tell her, “Jackie close your legs!”

Mehgan James: Was also giving us “Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore RHOA Realness” she was hands down the best dressed. Her gorgeous one shoulder black dress showed off her toned arms, small waist and it’s flared at the bottom. With her black hair and red lip, Meghan was sexy and classy at the same time, a rare reality TV combination!

Malaysia Pargo: Typically stands out the most each episode because she’s simply gorgeous. However, her reunion show dress was pretty basic. It’s still 90 degrees in L.A., it’s one thing to wear a long sleeved dress, it’s another thing to also wear boots! Malaysia’s outfit was more appropriate for a club appearance or maybe a friend’s birthday dinner but in comparison to Angel or Meghan, she definitely could have stepped it up several notches.

Tami Roman: Heavens why? Who let her walk on stage with all those bundles of kinky curly weave and those 1980s shoulder pads? (BTW, They were couture Vivienne Westwood shoulder pads) Tami gets our vote for worse dressed. She’s been on TV far too long to look like she was going a to job interview in her gray pant suit. If Tami was gonna be on stage reading people for filth, she should have come correct.

What was your favorite look of the evening?


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