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Princess Is On Her Independent Woman Ish

The episode opens with a dramatic sequence, featuring Princess moving out of Ray J’s apartment. Princess talks about how it’s time to move on because Ray J has taken advantage of her for years, and she’s finally tired of dealing with his emotional abuse. We can only hope she’s for real this time.

Miles Gets Closer To Coming Clean

Miles reveals that Milan won’t take any of his calls because he’s still pissed at him for being deceptive, and decides that it’s time, for real, for real, to come clean with Amber about his sexuality. He decides to enlist the help of a therapist. Meanwhile, Amber tells her sister that she’s still holding on to hope that she and Miles can be a couple, and she thinks therapy could be good for them. Amber’s sister thinks she should snap out of it and step into reality.

Jason Lee Is Trying Hard To be The Villain

Nikki was hosting an event where she thought it was a good idea to invite Jason Lee, so that she can chat with him about throwing a drink in Hazel’s face. Jason comes through with Kamiah, the same girl that Nikki beefed with over Fizz, because you know what show this is. Jason claimed he wants to clarify throwing the drink in Hazel’s face, but Brandy starts in immediately and calls him a sucka for pulling that move. He calls her a Chihuahua. That doesn’t go well. Then he accuses Nikki of trying to ambush him. Brandy throws water in his face because, karma. He threatens to “kill Nikki online,” because you know…bloggers. Meanwhile Kamiah says she actually wanted to talk to Nikki, but they start popping off on each other too. Jason then jumps back in to stir the pot about the fizz drama before they finally just leave. Then he reveals that he likes to stir the pot for the sake of his site. Um…obviously.

Prince and Teairra…Again

Princess invites Teairra to her day party to confront her about snitching to Ray about Vegas. None of this goes well. Teairra seems to feel justified in her shady behavior. Princess says she was genuine in trying to burry the hatchet (which is believable). Teairra is just petty. Things go left fast when Princess throws hands at Teairra. Moniece throws a drink on Princess. Princess and Teairra keep trying to brawl. Teairra spits at Princess then says Ray never should have told Princess what she told him. This whole situation is just dumb. There is no real resolution. Princess finally just leaves and threatens to deliver more fade to Teairra and Moniece next time she sees them. I guess we’ll see what’s up at the reunion.

Willie’s Dilemma

Willie is in a quandary. He wants to get of his independent label in order to work with his ex manager, who promises that there could be a major label in the works and faster movement on putting his project out. The family’s money is running out, and Willie’s wife is threatening to go back to the strip club. Willie doesn’t want that so, he believes that he can get out of his independent deal for greener pastures. He asks for a release from his label, but it’s not going to be as simple as he seems to think. You know they’re not going to let him out of that deal after investing so much money in him. This is still up in the air. But like…didn’t Willie learn about taking shady deals from his Bad Boy days?

The Therapy Session

Miles gets to the therapy session first and tells the therapist that he has been living a double life about his sexuality. It’s actually heartbreaking to see how tormented Miles is. His family and friends don’t know, and he got emotional thinking about the web of lies he has been spinning. He genuinely loves and cares about Amber and feels bad that he has been deceitful, because he doesn’t want to lose her friendship, but he’s also scared to tell her what he’s been up to. The therapist says it’s not fair to Milan or Amber (Captain Obvious already delivered this memo), and this is where we get left hanging until next week.



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