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The 1990s was a distinct era in fashion. From dark lip liner to fruity lip gloss to sunflower sun dresses, the 90s was a time for us to explore different fashion trends, break the rules and express ourselves.

Lucky for us, history always seems to repeat itself in some way, as we see some of our favorite 90s fashion trends resurfacing in 2015. But it can be tricky to pull off some of the decade’s staples without looking … well, crazy. Work these trends into your closet subtly — you don’t want to look like you just stepped out of an episode of Moesha or the set of CluelessIf you follow our tips, you’re sure to look just the right amount of vintage (cries tears that the 90s are now vintage).

So break out the cassette tapes and bedazzled bandanas and check out ten 90s trends that are making a come back.

Choker Necklaces 

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The choker necklace was definitely a favorite of the 90s. Although its been through a couple of variations throughout the years, such as the fake tattoo version to the bedazzled version, the look and feel of this trend remains the same. Work yours into your wardrobe with a simple outfit, and let your necklace do all the talking.

Doc Martens

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Doc Martens (or any version of the “combat boot”) are definitely as popular with “Millennials” as they were with the generation before us. The versatility of these shoes make them comfortable to wear in any season and with any outfit, from jeans to shorts and even dresses. (In fact, we may even be wearing a pair as we type)! Talk about history repeating itself.

Brown Lips

Once a sexy staple of the 90s, this beauty trend is back and is super easy to work into your repertoire. Many of our favorite brands are making multiple brown shades so you can find what works best for you. Just make sure it’s blended  — no need to go with dark liner and a lighter lip.

Jelly Sandals

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This is one trend that we could have left in the 90s. Jelly sandals remind us of elementary school and playgrounds, two things that we’d rather not revisit. Still, fashionistas everywhere are working them into their look. For this, we say commit to it. If you’re going to rock them, let the shoes make the statement!


The return of tartan has been on it’s way for a while and seems to be that print that inspired fashionistas to begin experimenting with other 90s trends. But think more tailored and fun than lumberjack. Pair a flannel top with a cute pair of jeans or rock a plaid skirt or dress to bring it back to life. Or, for a fun look that’s not too over-the-top, tie it around your waist.


Overalls were EVERYTHING in the 90s, and if you didn’t rock them with one strap on and one strap off, then you weren’t living life right. Wear them on casual days and have fun with it, keeping the look relaxed and easy. Now if only we could still fit our pair from 1993.

Bucket Hats

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The infamous bucket hat was extremely popular in the late 90s and 00s but quickly became a thing of the past as Millennial fashion continued to evolved. Now, thanks to entertainers like Chris Brown and Schoolboy Q, the bucket hat is back in style. If you’re lucky enough to still own a retro 90s bucket hat, then revamping this trend will be a breeze. We personally love the bucket hat for a sunny  day, but if you’re hip enough then you can pull the look off with anything.

Tying Shirts Around Your Waist

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We were a little skeptical about this trend returning to our lives at first, but admit we’ve fully embraced it, and find ourselves tying everything from sweaters to hoodies to jean jackets to flannels around my waist to accent our look (or attempt to reincarnate our 90s selves).

Sports Jerseys 

We never thought we’d see the day when wearing sports jerseys for fashion would return and become a “thing” again,” but they are and they’re more glam than ever. While Beyonce opts for leotard versions (naturally), men and women alike can wear favorite sport team’s jersey with a pair of jeans and sneakers, bringing back the whole retro throwback jersey look that we all knew and loved. Or if you’re feeling sexy and fun, hit up an Instagram boutique for a min-dress version and rock it with your favorite kicks.

T-Shirts Under Dresses

DKNY Women's - Runway - Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week: The Shows

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Remember when spaghetti strap dresses with cap-sleeve tees underneath were all the rage? Well the look is back, but with a more sophisticated turn. Take your summer dresses seamlessly into the color months by layering them with a crisp, basic white t-shirt. Opt for a more grown-up feel by keeping the dress in a muted tone like gray, black, navy or brown.

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