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Any time Donald Trump steps up to the mic, you’re never sure what foolishness you’re going to get. He began his presidential campaign by immediately alienating two of the fastest growing minority groups in America, Latinos and Asians. In a recent interview with CNBC, host John Harwood, asked the former Apprentice host about his previous racist remarks:

“What would you say to someone who said that the core idea of your campaign is appealing to fearful, anxious, white Americans and encouraging the belief that their problems are because of people who look different than them and have different features than them?”

To which Trump randomly replied, “No, I don’t think so,” Trump responded. “You know, my audiences are very– many, many blacks.

Trump is taking the statistics from a less credible poll and running with it. 1,000 people that participated in a “Survey USA Election Poll” about the presidential race. The question asked who would you vote for if they election were at that moment and only two names, Trump and Hilary Clinton were on the ballot.

Trump received 25% of the black vote in this fictional scenario. And he was clearly over the moon about it. “I had a poll come out the other day where I was 25 percent approval rating from the blacks as a Republican, which is the highest they have ever recorded,” he said. “Usually, it’s about 7 percent. In fact, they said if the election were held and you got 25% of the black vote, like in this poll, the election is over. You win.”

But wait, not so fast Delusional Donald, he may have received 25% of the black vote but Hilary received 59% Drops mic.

It’s also important to note that only 12% of the African Americans surveyed were register to vote as opposed to 67% of the white participates.

“You don’t think racial tension is the jet fuel of your campaign?” Harwood asked.

“I don’t think so,” Trump said. “I don’t want it to be and I don’t think it is.

There’s an important lesson in this tomfoolery. African Americans need to register vote so we can show Trump how we really feel about him!

Please, pretty please Donald, sit down and stop bothering us! Let us enjoy the last months of the Obama era in peace!


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